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I’ve broken down the most profitable VSLs from the last 5 years so you don’t have to. The VSL Flow Bible will give you a high-level overview of the “$5M+/month secrets” that helped these monster campaigns explode.

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What students say about the VSL Masterclass:

vsl masterclass testimonial video
"You gotta pick your mentors wisely. We took a hard switch in October and pivoted to VSLs and we connected with Peter, we got into his coaching program and later on we joined his VSL masterclass and since then things started to take off honestly. We listened to everything he had to say and just kept on going. This month we are well on our way to hit 3.5M e are steadily increasing 25-30% every month"
Mark Bednar
VSL Masterclass
vsl masterclass testimonial video
"This is more about people who want to get out of the rat race of media buying whose soul gets sucked when their campaigns die. All of those inconsistencies. With the VSL, it can absolutely change your life and Peter’s VSL masterclass has all the tools you absolutely need to transform your life, build a brand that’s meaningful so that you have a legacy of wealth for your family, for your friends."
Todd Lamb
Pure Life Organics CEO and Co founder
vsl masterclass testimonial video
"Look, if you’re not running VSLs cause none of your friends are running VSLs, then that’s exactly why you should be running VSLs. Me and my business partner Mark Bednar signed up for Peter Kell’s course, started running VSLs and our AOV went through the roof. This course should actually be called “Print money with Peter”, we doubled our high score already and we’re gonna double it again so check out double your high score and sign up”
VSL Masterclass