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Unlock The VSL Secrets That Took Us From $0-$40M Twice With The VSL Masterclass

Get a behind the scenes look into the world of one of the #1 VSL advertisers, and create your first meteoric VSL campaign

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The VSL Masterclass

Behind-the-scenes training by the one of the world’s #1 VSL experts
The exact system I used to go from $0-$40M in sales twice with VSLs
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This System Helped Me Create the #1, #2, and #4 Biggest VSLs in October '22

The Curriculum

Explore the VSL Masterclass Curriculum

The VSL Masterclass is a 3-week online program hosted by me, Peter Kell, one of the greatest VSL advertisers in the world. In just three weeks, you’ll be guided through the VSL Masterclass’s signature techniques and training that helped me create campaigns that were profitable on Day 1.

As you progress, you’ll start to get what I call “banger vision”. This is the ability to see “eureka” ideas, hooks, and angles almost on demand. You’ll understand exactly how I managed to consistently replicate my own meteoric success, going $0-40M not once - but twice.

By the end of the program, I’ll have taught you how to master one of the most sought-after skillsets in the advertising world - and in turn, how to create a clearer path towards realizing the life of your dreams.


Mastering Mindset

Your journey begins with the internal deep dive, because for me, it's not really about making VSLs. It's about creating the most amazing life I could ever imagine. If I could wave a magic wand and create the most amazing, best case scenario for my life, what would that look like?

Is it giving a quarter million dollars to my parents to change their lives? Is it buying a Lamborghini Hurracane and driving up to Veil Colorado every weekend to go snowboarding with my friends? Is it travelling around the world for two years, making six or seven figures a year and doing nothing but one phone call a week?

Before we deep dive into your business, the first thing we do is deep dive into your life. In this module, we're gonna uncover your dreams. And Implant them deep into your subconscious mind.

The exact psychological process I use to smash my own limiting beliefs
This helps to take this vision of yours and plant it deep into your subconscious mind.. Warning: this is so powerful that you may see huge shifts in other areas of your life as a result…
The secret “Neville Goddard” manifestation technique
you've never heard of (which rewires your brain on a subconscious level) - and why this one trick has generated every single win I’ve ever had in my life…
The hidden “money blocks” you likely have in your subconscious
Until I rooted these out, making millions was a pipe dream. BUT you become unstoppable once these are replaced with winning beliefs…

The Road To The Top

Module two is about the road to the top. This is about making sure you are playing the right game. So many affiliates, drop shippers & agency owners get into this business knowing that they're not gonna do this forever, but never make the change to what they're supposed to be doing.

Affiliates have their campaigns ripped over and over again. Dropshippers get stuck on the hamster wheel that never ends - burning campaign after campaign. Agency owners keep making other people rich.

This is the part where I show you all the other life-changing opportunities that are out there with VSLs.

Why building a brand is simpler than you think
As an affiliate, dropshipper, or agency owner - I’ll show you how to build a brand you are 100% in control of (and that customers love buying from again & again…)
How to use my “VSL pitch” framework to close insane deals
I'll show you a recording of the exact sales pitch I made to the founders of an up and coming startup in exchange for $125,000 worth of tokens and $25,000 worth of cash. (This is an incredible way to plant seeds in potential investment opportunities that could pay off huge in your future)
The HUGE blue ocean opportunity in Amazon FBA
Right now, there's a massive opportunity to acquire or partner with Amazon only brands who have no idea how to do direct response campaigns. Helping increase their exit multiple from 3x to 10x by adding Facebook & Youtube revenue channels. (This is the same kind of deal I did with Mindvalley to come in and earn millions of dollars worth of equity and get residual income on the VSLs that we created for them.)
3 & 4

Quick Start Guide & VSL Strategy

Through breaking down my exact & repeatable process, I’ll show you all the tools & techniques I’ve created over the years to make writing world-class VSLs stupidly simple. 

How to select a “winning offer” with nuclear potential
I’ll walk you through exactly how I choose the best offers with the greatest upside potential on the planet
The VSL FLow Bible
which is a complete breakdown of 18 of the biggest VSLs on the internet today. So you can see the exact step-by-step formula they use to "GTM", aka....“get the money”. The VSL flow Bible is like a simple treasure map you can use as the foundation of your next VSL campaign.
Partnering with authority figures & celebrity spokes people
This is the real secret to mass market influence. Breakthrough the noise and make your message worth listening too by having it come from someone worth listening to. In this session you'll uncover exactly how we do it and what deals to strike.
The hidden secrets to maximizing AOV
When I first started with my own brand, I thought AOV was all about upsells, upsells, upsells. But the truth is, it’s about what you say to them before they buy. Here's I’ll show my own life changing revolution that took my prospects from "buying the least amount they can", to "buying the most amount they can".
Wrapping it all in a “storytelling trances”
How to use story to put your prospect into a trance that sneak past your prospect's subconscious walls and plant seed after seed to create in their own mind the feeling that they're gonna buy this product today…
Mastering Unique Mechanisms
You know that part where somebody says, “yeah, I'll buy that.” That's unique mechanisms. The exact moment when your prospect, who feels like they're trapped in a dark cave with no hope and no way out, suddenly sees the light in the tunnel… Master this principle to become the "Bleeding Edge" brand in your field. And stay ahead of the trends.

VSL Script Writing

Next, it’s time to produce a gangster VSL script. I have handed this process to b-level copywriters and they’ve used it to write some of the biggest campaigns in the world.

The exact process I use to turn any b-level copywriter into a world-class weapon
Writing a VSL is like climbing Mount Everest. Even if you're one of the best climbers in the world, if you don't have a proven map to the top, you're going to die. Yet suddenly once you have that plan, and a guide to take you there, and b-Level Climber can reach the summit. The same is true in copywriting. When you use this proven process you create a rock solid plan any b-Level copywriter can execute.
The Kindergarten Simple Pitch
How to craft a message that's simple and easy to understand so the entire world can "get it". When advertisers fail to apply this, they create campaigns that don’t scale because people can't understand what they’re trying to say…
The VSL God Process
An easy step-by-step interview process that will pull out the story of any authority figure so you can write a script in their own words. I discovered this after interviewing DOZENS of Mindvalley authors & blowing their minds. Many said it was the first time THEY had ever even heard their story told in such a captivating way.
The secret “Lead Bible” aka the best video ads from the last 10 years
so you can keep your campaigns running for months & years (and how to start pumping out a new world-class lead every 10 minutes)
Why you don’t need to be an expert at all in your market
(plus how to find and partner with authority figures or celebrities who can sell) and leverage their credibility to build a brand - I’ve went from $0 to generated $4M per month by month 3 using this method alone…
The Ultimate AOV Close
(and how it helped us build an 8-figure empire) – and why this is one of the most critical components of scaling your offer.
How to write FB & YT Compliant scripts
Believe it or not, if you get banned all the time, there is a way out. It used to happen to me too until we learned the secret, until we understood exactly what Facebook and Google are looking for. Then suddenly we got reps. We got people who could help us when problems occurred, which meant we were able to start scaling…

Production & Filming

After that, it’s time to pull everything together. I’ve now done over 40+ VSL shoots over the last few years. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how we get world-class VSLs over the line.

The secret to editing VSLs using the “video editors playbook”
Hand this to your editor and you’ll have a “Mindvalley-worthy” VSL within 10 days…
Behind the scenes of a live VSL shoot with a world-famous author
I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process showing you exactly what to do when you're doing your own shoot..
From Heaven to Hell with the “B-Roll Shot List”
I'll show you the exact system we use to create a shot list for B-roll so we can have footage that subconsciously communicates the hell they’re currently in, and positions your product as the light at the end of the tunnel.

Media Buying

I’ll teach you everything I know after working with some of the biggest FB media buyers in the world of advertising. You’ll learn all the secrets I’ve used to make $100k-$250k over 365 times in my career.

Scaling secrets from Mindvalley’s ex-lead media buyer
Everything you need to know from Mindvalley’s ex-lead media buyer, on how she used to spend $100k/day without batting an eye…
The difference between “virgin media buying” and “Chad media buying”
(and why Chad media buying will be the key to the success of your campaign) – These are the same secrets I learned from my own media buyers who got me up to extraordinary spend levels
Why you should immediately launch your campaigns on YouTube
Let me ask you a question, have you cracked YouTube yet? When we did, it helped us do 30% more ROI than Facebook – but it’s not easy, and you need to steer clear of their “invisible penalties”...
8 & 9

Tools & Final Thoughts

In your final chapter, you’ll learn why spy tools are better than any book you could ever find on marketing. I’ll show you exactly how I find the biggest campaigns on the internet for inspiration, as well as give you the perfect jumping off point for what to do now that you’re up to speed…

How to identify the world’s most profitable campaigns
(and swipe them just in time) so you can capitalize on exactly where the market is TODAY… using my favorite spy tools
Everything you need to launch your next VSL in the next 90 days
(Congratulations, you did it!) And now you’re ready to build your own brand, so get out there and start crushing it…

Day by Day Schedule

Week One: Your VSL Masterclass Foundation
Welcome To The VSL Masterclass, Magic Words That Bring Riches & The Internal Deep Dive
Breaking Glass Ceilings & Manifesting Conversations With God
Neville Goddard’s Visualization Exercise & You Are The Average Of Your 5 Closest Friends
Optimizing Your Language, Action Plan & Vision Boards
The Power of Swiping, Breaking into Ecommerce & Discovering VSLs
Building Your Own Brand, Turnaround Opportunities & VSLs
60s Start Guide & How To Become a World-Class VSL Artist
Week Two: VSL Strategy & Script Writing
7 Steps of a World-Class Script, Why Long Form VSLs & Milestones List
Winning Offer Selection & Mechanism Hunting
DAY 10
Story Selling Trances & The VSL Flow Bible
DAY 11
Authority Figures & The Secrets of High AOV
DAY 12
VSLs for Brands & Partnerships
DAY 13
Deep Dive Research, Kindergarten Simple Pitch & VSL God Process
DAY 14
Lead Bible, Ultimate AOV Close & The Way To The Sale
Week Three: Production, Media Buying, & Scaling
DAY 15
Hiring Writers, FB & FTC Compliance & FK Score
DAY 16
B-Roll Shot List, Behind The Scenes of a VSL Shoot & Video Editor’s Playbook
DAY 17
Cracking YT Ads, Secret Traffic Sources & Chad Media Buying
DAY 18
Using Affiliates, VSLs for Tik Tok & If You’re Not Scaling, You’re Failing
DAY 19
FB Spy Tools & YT Spy Tools
DAY 20
Finding Authority Figures
DAY 21
It’s Not Over ‘Til I Win

What Students Say About the Program

vsl masterclass testimonial video
"You gotta pick your mentors wisely. We took a hard switch in October and pivoted to VSLs and we connected with Peter, we got into his coaching program and later on we joined his VSL masterclass and since then things started to take off honestly. We listened to everything he had to say and just kept on going. This month we are well on our way to hit 3.5M e are steadily increasing 25-30% every month"
Marek Bednar
VSL Masterclass
vsl masterclass testimonial video
"This is more about people who want to get out of the rat race of media buying whose soul gets sucked when their campaigns die. All of those inconsistencies. With the VSL, it can absolutely change your life and Peter’s VSL masterclass has all the tools you absolutely need to transform your life, build a brand that’s meaningful so that you have a legacy of wealth for your family, for your friends."
Todd Lamb
Pure Life Organics CEO and Co founder
vsl masterclass testimonial video
"Look, if you’re not running VSLs cause none of your friends are running VSLs, then that’s exactly why you should be running VSLs. Me and my business partner Mark Bednar signed up for Peter Kell’s course, started running VSLs and our AOV went through the roof. This course should actually be called “Print money with Peter”, we doubled our high score already and we’re gonna double it again so check out double your high score and sign up”
VSL Masterclass

Your Life-Changing Transformation Begins with the VSL Masterclass from one of the #1 VSL Advertisers in the World

When you join The VSL Masterclass, you get access to The VSL Masterclass program.

In this VSL Masterclass, I’ll show you everything you need to create mind-blowing VSLs that changed my life, the lives of my top students, and hopefully have the power to  change yours.

Here’s What Your Meteoric Growth Could Look Like…

After you join the VSL Masterclass, here’s how your life could explode…

Month 1
Discover my “$0-$40M” strategy and write your script
Month 2
Shoot, produce, and edit your new VSL
Month 3
Launch time, baby!
peter kell feature image

In three weeks, I’ll help you unlock the exact secrets that helped me become one of the world’s #1 VSL experts. Then we show you how to use these newfound powers to attack your next VSL campaign and create a world-beating script with my direct feedback.

peter kell feature image

Now that you’ve got a script written, it’s time to get it shot. Luckily you have all the information you need in the VSL Masterclass to produce a video that Christopher Nolan would be proud of.

peter kell feature image

When I first hit campaigns that went bat-shit nuclear, my life changed forever. I think I made close to $230k in 9 days back when I first cracked launching ads at scale… and there is no better feeling in the world. I guarantee you will become obsessed like I did.

The Secret I Used To Exponentially Increase My Income Using VSLs

AKA The REQUIREMENT for meteoric growth

Discover the skills to create world-class VSL campaigns
With the VSL Masterclass we get you up to speed on the exact process I've used to create VSLs that generate $100k-$250k a day over 365 times in my life.

Join the VSL Masterclass and We'll Teach You The Skills To Create World-Class Campaigns

masterclass feature picture
What you get:

Full Access to The VSL Masterclass: Instant access to this life-changing program and all of it’s bonuses

PLUS: a special discount if you want me to work with you even closer


The VSL Masterclass

Behind-the-scenes training by the one of the world’s #1 VSL experts
The exact system I used to go from $0-$40M in sales twice with VSLs
payment methods

What Clients Said About Working With Me

vsl masterclass testimonial video

" I met Peter at a conference and I brought him into help my company Mind Valley with VSL. Our company had taken a hit after Apple iOS update with Facebook so we need a new form of advertising. Long story short, we created close to 30 different iterations of VSLs and one of those iterations blew up and it went on to do 30 millions dollars in sales in about 18 months, which was huge absolutely tremendous. Peter is very generous with his advice and he is just so much fun to work with. "

Vishen Lakhiani
CEO of Mindvalley
vsl masterclass testimonial video

" Shooting my VSL with Peter was such an incredible experience, in fact he is the VSL king. He made the whole experience seamless and easy, it was so quick. The best part is he was able to pull out my story and really connect with the audience. He got me to the answer questions that I didn't think about. I really appreciate all he did for me and honestly I was really surprised at how fast that we actually shot the VSL. Highly recommend to Peter. "

Neelam Verma
Founder of Integrity Dating
vsl masterclass testimonial video

" I get the opportunity to be filmed by so many people, so many producers and directors. Peter you are the best at what you do, what a privilege to work with you and thank you for having the ability to take a product, a brand, a person to the next level. If you want to work with the best, work with Peter. "

Tim Storey
Magical Living with Tim Storey
vsl masterclass testimonial video

"The process was amazing, I felt super comfortable. The environment was conducive for me to go to a place and share things that are personal, then you had the best questions gave me the space to just see what was inside. I'm a really good teacher but very bad seller. Right now I just see myself doing a very good job selling because you know how to guide me. It's something that I would never be able to achieve on my own."

Ronan Diego de Oliveira
Head of Health & Fitness at Mindvalley, Author of HoloBody
vsl masterclass testimonial video

" I had a pleasure to work with Peter Kell, when you work with this guy he really brings the best out of you. One thing I love about Peter is the types of questions that he asked because I do believe that the quality of your content is determined by the quality of the questions. So work with Peter was absolute pleasure. I'll do it anytime in the future. "

Jimmy Naraine
Corporate Trainer (Fortune 500) & Top-Rated Speaker, Jimmy Naraine Group
vsl masterclass testimonial video

" Peter is very charismatic and he had a lot of enthusiasm. When we came to the filming, he is an extremely talent interviewer, he managed to get us to reflect on work we've been doing for decades in fresh ways and then he got us to articulate in ways that anyone should understand. Peter is really good at just drawing you out so it was fun and we were comfortable and I really like the whole process. "

Donna Eden & David Feinstein
Authors of The Energies of Love

What Happened To Me When I
Doubled My High Score

I Made My Dreams Come True

I finally got to live the life of my dreams. I always wanted to be the young rich guy with the supercars… so that’s what I did. I bought the car of my dreams, I spent every weekend snowboarding and staying in 5* hotels, and then I travelled all around the world. The thing is, it’s not about the “things” you can get. It’s about who you become in the process. It’s about the experiences you have access to. It’s about living the life that everyone else gave up on, but you REFUSED to.

peter kell feature image

I Made Other Peoples
Dreams Come True

Giving $250,000 to my parents so they can spend time in San Fran with their grandson was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced. I think it was Alex Hormozi who said “The people who say money doesn’t make you happy have clearly never given lots of it away” ... And when I exploded my life, I finally had the power to change the lives of others. For you, that could be your wife, your mom, a mentee, or the lives of strangers through charitable donations. But it is your DUTY to make as much money as possible so that you can give back.

peter kell youtube video

I Became Somebody Worth Listening To

If you’re anything like me, then it’s not only about making money. It’s about becoming someone of impact. Someone who gets to rub shoulders with the upper echelons & to be one of them. In the last two years I’ve met billionaires, founders, CEOs, actors, politicians… people who’ve made my ventures look like a lemonade stand. It all started by blowing my own life up, but from there literally anything is possible when you start moving up the levels…

peter kell feature image

Join the VSL Masterclass Today

The VSL Masterclass


The VSL Masterclass

Behind-the-scenes training by the one of the world’s #1 VSL experts
The exact system I used to go from $0-$40M in sales twice with VSLs
payment methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This is for affiliates, dropshippers, course creators, agency owners, influencers, marketers…

What If I Don't Have the Time to Learn VSLs?

Listen I get it... you're running a big operation and right now the most important thing is creating a Winning FB or Youtube campaign that is going to explode your business to the next level.

Well your first step to doing that is to start now on creating the high level strategy for your next monster VSL campaign. And how do you do that? By investing in the VSL Masterclass right now. Studying it. And getting the VSL Flow Strategy you can hand off to a copywriter to get to work.

Investing in this program is the first step. So stop thinking and apply now.

Do you have any success stories?

Yes. This didn’t just work for me. I encourage you to watch the videos above from our other success stories.

I want this, what exactly am I getting?

You are getting instant access to the self paced VSL Masterclass. You are getting ME in your ear to teach you how to create your next big marketing campaign.

How is this different from other marketing products?

It works. I have a proven track record of not just utilizing this model for myself, but also for private clients. There is no one else out there at the top of the VSL game who is sharing their knowledge in the same kind of “open door” way. Nothing is being held back here… I’m giving you it all.

Can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes! If I can't get you to double the most amount of profit you’ve ever made in a day within the next 6 months, then I am legally obligated to refund you in full. No questions asked. Refunds can be requested up to 6 months after joining so long as you've created a 3 min VSL and generated one sale from it. Check our Service Agreement on next page for more details.

How do I know it’s worth it?

If you’re spending $50k a month on ads, then it’s the perfect time to join and step up your game. And if you’re spending less than $50k a month on ads, our course is one of the best tools to get there.

The real question is, aren’t you sick of launching campaigns that bomb?

What if I need more help?

Don't get me wrong, the VSL Masterclass on it's own is incredible. But, if you want ME in your back pocket to give you one on one coaching while we teach you how to create your next big marketing campaign… literally 1-on-1 help from one of the world’s #1 VSL advertisers, then you're going to want to invest in Elite Group Coaching as well. With Elite Group Coaching, you’re also getting access to our community of absolute GANGSTERS who are out there scaling 7, 8, and 9 figure businesses, and 5 live calls a week!. Check out that offer here: