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What you get:

Peter Kell’s VSL Masterclass: Everything I’ve learned over the last 5+ years studying VSLs 24/7. This is the exact blueprint I used to go from $0-$40M with my own skincare brand, become an equity partner at Mindvalley, and land a deal that could net me 8-figures with one of the hottest cryptos on the planet. NOTHING is held back here. I’ll bring you up to speed with my simple, repeatable process that you can easily hand to any b-level copywriter to start churning out world-beating scripts.

Elite Business Group Coaching Calls: Once a week I’ll have a hot seat style group call where you can get 1-on-1 feedback from me on anything you’re working on, your offers, your campaigns. This is your chance to get the #1 VSL advertiser in the world helping you strategize, come up with ideas, give feedback on your script, help with the editing, and anything else that could possibly come up.

A private Slack channel with marketing GANGSTERS: We have the greatest community of absolute KILLERS in the world of marketing. This is a private network of 7, 8, and 9 figure legends in the marketing game who are sharing exactly what’s working for them right now. The world of advertising constantly changes and we want to ensure you're always on the cutting edge and profitable. There are no secrets in the VSL Masterclass, except the ones we keep from the outside world ;)

Weekly online meetups: Get on call with us every single week. This is an opportunity for more of a casual “hang” with the group because “you are who your friends are.” This is where the partnerships, deals, and friendships are made. It is ONLY by surrounding yourself with the right people that you will grow to that level too.

SPECIAL BONUS “Something Amazing Is About To Happen” Duffel Bag: Get your very own duffle bag so that you too can hand a bag of cash to your parents once your campaigns go meteoric! **This is a requirement** everyone who joins must give back to their loved ones, community, or world at large when you start crushing it.

PLUS 24/7 365 World-Class Support: Got questions or need help? We're here for you. We'll be by your side every step of the way.

PLUS: a special discount if you want me to work with you even closer

See what Todd Lamb has to say about using VSLs to explode his business to $40M in revenue.