Igniting the Fire: How to Create The Burning Desire For Metoric Growth

When I read Chapter 12 of The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone my life changed forever.

Sitting in my parent's basement deep in the woods of Lake Arrowhead California in the middle of nowhere. Dead Broke with literally NO money.

Grant Cardone’s telling me, “Be obsessed or be average.”

I was obsessed with how to make money online.

Obsessed with how could I create a life where I’m making $50,000 every 2 weeks easily and consistently.

Living on an Island in the Caribbean. Being the young supercar guy. Dating the most beautiful women on the planet.

Why am I so obsessed with this? Is it weird?

All my friends tell me to go hang out at the bar with them.

Why don’t I want to go hang out with them? Why not watch those movies?

Be obsessed or be average.

Chapter 12 of 10X finally gave me permission.

Obsession isn’t weird. It’s is commitment.

It’s taking a stand for the beautiful life you demand to experience.

It’s being absolutely crystal clear on the most epic life you could ever imagine. And being so die-hard committed you’d be willing to put your entire life at risk to achieve it.

Your ENTIRE life at risk. Whatever it takes.

Having a desire so white hot burning on fire you’d be willing to do whatever it takes.


My 21 and 22 year old self were sacrificed in that basement in the woods. Some of the most youthful years of a young man's life. Freedom to experience the world. TAKEN from me. Crucified in my parent's basement. Horrifically isolated, alone, depressed and mentally tortured. WASTED away.

I made a vow. This sacrifice cannot be for nothing.

I MUST FIND SOMETHING to make this sacrifice WORTH IT.

Then I found it.


What if it ended up bigger and better than you could ever imagine?

Thats it. If it could trade a shitty life from 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. For a way to live as the young rich super car guy millionaire at 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and forever afterwards. It would all be worth it.

I’d make that sacrifice. It’d all be worth it. I must. Whatever it takes.

I didn’t know if it was possible. I’d never had more than $3,000 in my bank account in my whole life.

But there was 1 thing I was certain of. I would never forgive myself if I let my entire 20s go to waste. I would live through soul-crushing eternal pain for the rest of my life if my 20s were wasted.


I grabbed a pussy ass love letter I wanted to send to an ex-girlfriend and lit that shit on fire. She left me for some other dude while I was still in love and I couldn’t get over it. Time to burn the past. I’m done.

No more TV. No more bars. No more girls. No more video games. No more doing the same old mediocre bullshit. Throw it in the flames. Light the fire. I’m done with it. I’m over it.

I cannot risk missing this goal. It’s more than a goal. It’s more than a mission. It’s a white-hot burning desire.

How much would you sacrifice to the fire?

Would you burn everything that’s never served you?


I knew I was half retarded. Being a D-Student skateboarder who didn’t go to college and signed up for the Army Reserve after high school.

It was clear I had an education gap. One day my Dad took me to a Barnes and Noble and for the first time, I checked out the business book section.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.

HOLY F*CK. I dont need a college degree. I can just read these books. These books are way better than any professor because there are actually people in the field. People who have won and succeeded.

I can create my own college.

I went on hour walks every day listening to Tony Robbins Personal Power 2. I started reading 40 minutes first thing every single morning.

I would read every business, marketing, startup, sales psychology, copywriting book underthe sun. Being figuring out all the ways I could make money online.

Living in the End — Visualization

I remember watching Rockstar. Marc Walberg wakes up in his bedroom. You see the complete obsession. Posters and guitars hanging everywhere. Standing next to a giant cutout of his favorite heavy metal singer. Wearing the same leather jacket. Same hair. Holding the same stance.

Closing his eyes, imagining himself on stage, and screaming in excitement like he’s already the rockstar he’s always imagined to be.

Success leaves clues. Make it easy to visualize yourself there.

Make it easy to imagine that you already have your goals.

I transformed my room. Creating vision boards, print outs of all the dreams I had. Hung affirmations up in my shower. So everywhere I looked I would see my goals. And being programming my mind. Everything in my environment would trigger my goals.

Imagining you have it now. Feeling as if all the most amazing things you’ve ever desired are in your hands now.

When I made my first vision board at 22 years old. And everything came true by 27 years old. I got really hardcore into vision boards. And started getting them professionally made. So everytime I would look anywhere. Would couldn’t walk 5 feet in my house without seeing an inspiring motivating image or quote I would see beautiful images. You can click here to get them free.

It’s Not Over Until I Win

As I begin to fail. I would worship Les Brown. I’d watch that video over and over and over and over and over again. Because I was failing over and over and over again.

7 failed businesses in a row. 4 years of struggle. 2 evictions. 1 car repossession. Setback after setback. Soul-crushing defeat.

Still not as painful as the eternal soul-crushing pain I knew I would feel if I gave up and let my 20s go to waste. I must continue on no matter what.

If I’m destined to be a struggling entrepreneur for the rest of my life… so be it.

“I have not failed 10,000 times — I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” — Thomas Edison

Unsuccessful at Being Massively Successful

Aj Khubani. Infomercial King.

Recently I met up with one of my mentors Aj Khubani. The King of Infomercials. Mr. Khubani’s business was doing $700,000,000 per year in sales at its height.

He was dominating TV & Retail yet struggling to crack Facebook & Youtube ads so he came to me for help. I knew he was getting absolutely wrecked on the networks and dealing with endless failures.

He looks at me and goes….

“Peter, we’ve been massively successful for over 30 years now on TV & Retail. Yet we’ve been so unsuccessful at being massively successful on Facebook and Youtube. Can you help us?” — AJ Khubani

Fascinating I thought…. “unsuccessful at being massively successful”. I’m going to keep that.

No More Wishing. No More Wanting. Believe It’s Yours.

Neville Goddard. The OG Spiritual Gangster

You don’t get what you want to have, wish you had, should have, or need to have.

You only really get in life what you MUST have.

You only get in life what is Inevitable for you.

You dont have to know how you’re going to do it. All you have to know is that you’re going to do it.

This dream. This vision of your life. This future version of yourself.

The universe isn’t just dangling it in front of you to tease you.

It’s meant for you. It’s YOUR vision. Just for you.

You’re meant to have it! Believe it’s yours.

You must believe you’ve been put here to achieve it.

There’s a path to the top of your Mount Everest climb.

You’re willing to do whatever it takes o find it.

The world doesn’t need any more people playing small.

How To Ignite the Burning Desire

  1. Picture Yourself

Visualize Yourself. Feel the feeling as if you have it now. Go undisturbed to a quiet place. Concentrate on your goals. What’s the most amazing life you could possibly live? Focus on it. Write down these pieces. Give it life on paper.

2. Reflect on your Wins

Begin to believe you can win because you have won before. Celebrate your successes. Write down 3 wins for the day every night. Write down 3 amazing things that have happened to you. Try to predict the next 3 wins or the next 3 amazing things that are about to happen to you.

3. Develop Crystal Clear Goals

Know exactly where you’re going. Take Lifebook by Mindvalley. Sit down with headphone with a big notepad and follow along this Goal Setting Exercise with Tony Robbins

Imagine, when is the absolute deadline you are simply unwilling to experience not achieving this by?

What you’re willing to give up for it’s achievement?

What is the catastrophic pain that will happen to you if you don’t achieve it?

What is the greatest thing that will happen to you if you do achieve it?

4. Believe the Universe Has Your Back

Only good things happen. The universe is here to help you. All those dreams and visions you have are no accident. Those are signs from above. Directions your soul seeks to uncover. You have a destiny. Hold onto that destiny. It’s better than you could ever imagine.

Signing Off:

Peter Kell

Something Amazing is About to Happen

P.S. Due to a change of heart. I’m excited to announce I’ll be opening the doors for a few new coaching/consulting clients. I typically don't do this as I’m usually behind the scenes griding but I feel like I want to help more. So if you want me to yell at you, shoot me a DM on Instagram and let's brainstorm on how to double the most amount of money you’ve ever made in a month

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