Magic Words That Bring Riches — So Powerful I Tattoo’d Them On My Forearm

I’ve got a discovery for you today that is worth its weight in GOLD 💰

You know how some people are consistently really unlucky?

And terrible things happen in their life over and over again like they’ve been cursed by a voodoo witch doctor?

This discovery has the exact opposite effect.

It’s a manifestation secret unearthed straight from the center of the universe.

A secret that will bring amazing luck and fortune to you for as long as you believe. It’s so powerful…

I literally just tattoo’d the words on my forearm

no shit, it works like crazy.

Let me share with you you the amazing story of how I discovered these magic words. As it’s 5 years in the making!

It all started with journaling.

I f*cking love journaling.

I love journaling so much that I’ve logged 1028 journal entries over the past 5 years!

That's an average of 205.6 journal entries per year!

It’s been hands down my favorite way to relax at night at home.

Grab my ipad, open up Evernote, remove all distractions, insert today’s date, take a rip of creative sativa, and let my fingers rip.

Transfering the thoughts in my mind straight into the computer. Doing a complete brain dump.

I don't think about what to write. I write about what I’m thinking about.

No cleaning. No editing. Just barfing from my fingers into my computer.

When I'm done with that. I go through a quick list of questions:

  • What am I excited about right now?
  • What amazing things have happened to me lately?
  • What have I been up to?
  • What’s the most important goal in my life right now?
  • Why is that the most important important goal to me?

The amount of value I get out of constantly asking life-evolving questions is bonkers.

Including one magical discovery that you are about to learn!

So read on you beautiful rockstar!!

Because 5 years ago, I learned another trick from a guy named Tim Ferris.

Author of the incredible book The 4-Hour Work Week

He said… “What gets measured gets managed. So If you wanna make more money, track how much money you’re making. Update it by hand every day. And you’ll pivot till you get your income to where you want it to be.”

So for the first 1347 days of my affiliate marketing career (3.69 years), I would track exactly how much money I made every… single…. day.

My first 1347 days on the affiliate marketing

The Affiliate Marketing Rollercoaster. Created from 1347 days of affiliate marketing entry points. 3.69 years. Blue line is revenue. Green line is profit. Each light grey horizontal bar is at $50,000/day mark.

This graph is my first 1347 days of busting my ass as an obsessed affiliate marketer after meeting my mentors. Pushing myself harder than I’ve ever pushed myself in my whole life to finally break through and create my dream life.

Before this, I had around 4 years of failing super hard on my own business.

So really this is my 5th — 8th year of marketing online.

One day I’m looking at this graph…

I’d see these spikes where a campaign would explode. Then it would die.

Then there’d be a flat few months where I’d be out partying and not working very much.

Then suddenly we’d have an explosion again.

Lets look a little closer.

This is my first 466 days. Flat at the beginning. Super motivated. Working Hard. Healthy Mindset.

Then a little breakthrough. Then a big breakthrough of 2–3 months of wins.

Then campaign dies and I “turn on vacation mode” and a ‘lazy & do nothing’ mindset follows.

Day 466–984. My second big streak. Things would be flat. Life would be hard. Everything I tried would fail. I’m banging my head against the wall.

Then we’d have a breakthrough. Crack a new campaign, and rip another 3–4 months of crushing it.

Dozens of $10k/day profit days. And my first two $50k rev days. Then crypto came and I abandoned affiliate marketing.

The gap at the back is 7 months of not working at all after I decided to do crypto full time haha.

Day 984–1347. After the Gap. That’s when I got into creating VSLs full-time.

The BuzzFeed style of VSL I created for affiliate offers could only able to crank for 3–4 weeks until ROI would crash after other affiliates caught on and would rip and run.

But they exploded beyond any campaign I’d ever seen in my life. For the next 3–4 years that’s all I did.

Hitting my first $200k affiliate revenue day & $60k profit day on Facebook ads.

My biggest days online before becoming a brand builder.

So one day I’m looking at all these dips and spikes.

And I’m thinking to myself…. hmm….

I wonder what I was thinking about the week before everything exploded!?

I mean there would sometimes be up to 7 months of nothing working. My mindset turns into trash. My motivation goes down the toilet.

My laundry starts piling up. My house turns into a huge mess.

I turn into a lazy slob and stop doing my responsibilities.

Everything in my life had gone to shit.

And I have no idea how to turn back on the amazing burning ambition that got me here in the first place.


Something amazing happened! We’d crack a huge win from no where like having my first $100,000 revenue day. And Epicness would explode into my life again.

My first $100,000 revenue day online. 7 years into my online marketing career.

Life after my first big VSL explodes

I wondered…what the hell was I thinking right before these huge explosions happened?

What happened just a week before everything exploded in my life again!!!!

Oh I know!!! I’ve been journaling like a madman this whole time.

What if I go back to my journals logs and check out what I was thinking right before everything blew the hell up!??

The following is a list of the exact phrases, affirmations, and beliefs that I discovered in my journal just days before my biggest campaigns.

It’s exactly how I was talking to myself in my journals, right before everything all my biggest wins. Read these words closely with power. Take note of how you feel. You might just tap into a special power.

  • The Universe Works in the Most Amazing Ways
  • I see it as possible now for this to come true
  • I have an opportunity to create one of the most inspiring stories
  • I have a whatever it takes mindset
  • Think BIG Pete! You can totally do it!
  • I am more motivated and inspired than ever before!
  • I love to write down and remember what has happened to me
  • Deep down, I know there is something spectacular I am supposed to do
  • I must do something for the world that leaves a stamp
  • I must become the person I was meant to be
  • I am a badass advertiser! I mean HOLY SH*T
  • I love being an advertiser
  • I am someone who spends $4,000,000 per month on Advertising


  • A breakthrough is happening now!!!!
  • What is the one problem that if you solved would have the biggest impact on your life?
  • A breakthrough is happening!
  • This is what 10X Looks Like
  • I learned this shit. And I am so Proud of it!
  • Persistent Massive Action towards creating the life of your dreams!
  • Finishing strong most important. Blowing past the finish line on a rocketship!
  • I can do anything! I am becoming one of the best in the world!


  • What are the amazing benefits of achieving my goals?
  • I radiate positive energy and positive vibes
  • I am creating my dream life!
  • I am lucky as fuck! I am pumped up as hell right now
  • I am literally taking over the FB Platform
  • This is an opportunity of a lifetime!
  • We can do so much right now
  • I am making millions of dollars
  • I am playing at beast levels, Iconic Levels, massive massive levels.
  • I am one of the biggest media buyers who ever lived.
  • I am a huge risk taker. I go all in super hard.
  • I am easily able to see massive opportunities
  • I love my life. I love where I am going.
  • The worlds biggest opportunities fall into my lap
  • I am driven as f*ck. I am driven as f*ck. I am focused as f*ck.
  • I am right on my goals! I am on fire!
  • I am skyrocketing towards my goals.
  • Hard work is easy work. I LOVE moving towards my goals. I LOVE to do it!
  • I love rocketing towards my dreams and goals! I am on Fire!


  • Visualizing my success makes me so happy and at peace
  • I have an amazing attitude. I am complimented about it all the time
  • Only good things happen!
  • I am so well prepared that I get the results no matter what’s thrown at me!
  • I cannot go backwards. I need to grow
  • I am forcing myself to grow bigger and bigger
  • I am addicted to growth, high scores, and getting better and better.
  • I am becoming an industry icon
  • I must keep growing. I must keep growing.
  • I have an amazing attitude.
  • The energy I bring creates fantastic memories for others
  • People often use me as an example of who a happy person is.
  • I bring such joy and happiness to life
  • I am often complimented for my positive outlook on life


  • Sitting & Visualizing! It all comes down to psycho-cybernetics and making extremely positive neuro-associations subconsciously to the objects you are working on
  • Subconscious all day long! In the end. It’s EVERYTHING!


  • I am creating it! I am creating this amazing lifestyle.
  • I am making it happen! This is fucking amazing I am on fire!
  • I am obsessed with this!
  • I am so f*cking excited about the direction I am going.
  • I am on fire! Fuck yeah! I can achieve anything I can have anything I want.
  • I can create any life I imagine.
  • I am the one! I am creating it now!
  • Everything I need is coming into my life right now!
  • I am guided in every direction and decision.
  • My biggest source of pride and significance is the ability to keep a positive attitude despite what’s going on.
  • I am hitting my goals. I am working towards them every day!
  • This is the level I am meant to play on.
  • I can see myself so clearly playing at this level.
  • I can achieve everything I’ve ever wanted. I am a BEAST!
  • I am so upbeat and positive. I am so happy and inspiring to others
  • I am so driven. I am so focused. I am so happy and go lucky
  • I am visualizing my success. I visualize myself making the worlds greatest creatives!

The 1 Secret That Stood Out The Most

Even though there’s a ton of powerful affirmations here…

There’s 1 common theme I noticed…

In every single journal log… right before everything was about to blow up sky high…

I noticed there was always a feeling like Something Amazing Was About To Happen.


Was written over and over again. I felt it.

There was this feeling like something amazing was about to happen.

Like the winds of change were here. And something amazing was coming.

Funny enough, I was completely clueless about the power behind these magic words when I first saw them.

Because I was overwhelmed by this gigantic list of affirmations…

Little did I know we were just getting started….


I have no clue. So I decided to PUT IT TO THE TEST!!!!

Reading those words with intensity and power and certainty made me feel like one powerful dude.

The excitement and energy.

Maybe there’s something there???

I can’t just leave it to my memory. I’ve gotta keep my eye on the prize.

On December 18th of 2018, I wrote down these magic words & phrases by hand onto 4 pieces of paper, laminated them, and hung them in my shower so I would read them every single morning.

Here’s a pic.

Following the principles of Auto-Suggestion in Chapter 3 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich…

Every morning for the next 2 and 1/2 years I’d be reading these affirmations off like clockwork in the shower.

Priming by subconscious mind every day with positive affirmations that would drive me forward to achieve my dreams.

Reminding myself on the importance of visualization.

How I’m creating my dream life.

And more importantly.

That Something Amazing Was About To Happen.

I even made a hypnosis track to reprogram my subconsious while I sleep

This phrase would stand out to me over and over again.

Over the course of the 1,000+ hours I spent reading these 4 pieces of paper in the shower… 1 phrase kept standing out to me. Over and over again.

Something amazing is about to happen.

Something amazing is about to happen.

Something amazing is about to happen.

I was constantly reminded how all my biggest wins came after I started feeling and believing with complete certainty that something amazing was about to happen.

Over and over again. I would start to focus on the idea that something amazing is about to happen to me.

And then amazing things would happen.

I started to feel like this was the key. The answer I was looking for.

Something amazing is about to happen.

I started to take it seriously. I had the phrase ‘Something Amazing Is About To Happen’ printed on a t-shirt, a notebook, and even under the TV in my living room so I’d see it everyday.

The more I focused on the amazing things in my life. The more random wins would start being attracted into my life.

The more blessings would appear. Bad things vanished like the morning fog.

I started becoming this person to who amazing things happen.

Where amazing things would happen to me all the time.

Things completely outside of my realm of goal setting.

I would never think of these things.

The universe just sends me things that makes me feel amazing.

Like an amazing good luck charm that follows me around wherever I go.

Over the course of the next 2 years, this luck followed me into a new brand-building venture.

A venture that became so successful it made my previous career look like I was running a lemonade stand.

And a complete miracle happened when I was bought out from the company I co-founded.

When I started traveling around, I didn’t have my vision boards or affirmations in front of me in my shower anymore.

So I decided to take this amazing manifestation wizard hack to the next level.

And I got it tattoo’d on my forearm. Because I have 100% certainty now, that the more this phrase is top of my mind, the more amazing things happen in my life.

Something Amazing. Means, something amazing is about to happen. Thank you God for all the amazing things coming to me all the days of my life.

How to Feel Like Something Amazing About To Happen To You When Everything’s Going To Shit

If you’ve read any book on happiness you’ve seen idea this around.

It’s the exact same reason why everyone preaches to write down 5 things you’re grateful for every morning.

What you focus on you attract. As your outerworld is just a reflection of your inner world. Straight out of the Law of Attraction.

I just found I love focusing on things that are amazing a little more because it’s more rockstar than happy & grateful things. So I focus on the amazing things.

(Also if you haven’t seen The Secret on Netflix recently I’d recommend refreshing yourself on it. It’s virtually the only movie I watch and I’ve seen it 1000+ times. It’s a brilliant place to get started on how this universe magic works)

So how do you feel like something amazing is about to happen when everything is going to shit?

Think about this…

What are the last 3 amazing things that have happened to you?

If you’ve been going through a rough chapter in your life, it may be hard to come up with an answer.

Especially if it’s been a while since you’ve asked yourself this question.

However, there is an answer.

What are the last 3 amazing things that have happened to you?

Got it?

Now ask yourself this…

Are these the last 3 amazing things that are going to happen to you for the rest of your life?

Will another amazing event happen in your life again or are you completely out forever?

It’s not hard to believe that something amazing will happen to you in the future.

So doesn’t that mean something amazing is about to happen to you?

How does it feel to know that something amazing is about to happen to you?

Remember, the secret to manifesting is that the universe sends things that match the way you feel.

If you praise the amazing things in your life, and you feel amazing. The universe will send you more things that are amazing.

If you complain about shit and feel like shit. The universe will send you more things that make you feel like shit.

(that is why people who complain and blame are literally shit magnets)

Take this idea with you on your adventure. And goodness and luck will surly follow you. Write back, drop a comment here, in to let everyone else know what happens!

And always remember.

Something Amazing Is About To Happen To You!

And there’s a bit more magic in this universe than we all may realize.


Speaking of something amazing

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took heavy doses of Ayahuasca for 4 days straight? Deep in the Jungles of Costa Rica?

Well I tried it just to see what happens…

Now my mom sends me bible verses for posting the batshit crazy unfiltered experience. And people are losing their minds over it!!!!!


→ My Ayahuasca Experience Day 1: Slapped in the Face with a Miracle at Rythmia

  • “Fucking phenomenal!!! Absolutely fucking phenomenal!”
  • “Absolutely incredible read!”
  • “I read the whole thing. Amazing!”
  • “Brought tears to my eyes reading about your entire first experience”

→ My Ayahuasca Experience Day 1: Slapped in the Face with a Miracle at Rythmia

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