My Ayahuasca Experience: Final Day. The Truth About Rythmia

Before I came to Rythmia when people would ask me what I did all day, I would just say…

“Nothing”… or… “I don’t really do anything”

You see, a few months prior, I had been bought out from my company. Throwing me into a new chapter in my life.

I was now an entrepreneur without a business.

A man without a purpose.

So I came to Rythmia with the question, “What’s the next most amazing thing I’m supposed to do with my life?”

(Shoutout to the genius @manifestluxury27 for coming up with this idea)

Nothing in one million years would prepare me for what I was about to happen.

Because I thought I had it all dialed. I thought I knew what my plan was.

For the past 10 years, I had become obsessed with pursuing the herculean task of creating my dream life from nothing. I was a lifestyle designer living by the philosophy: “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.”

I’d wake up most days feeling like I was climbing Mount Everest. A great mountain that was exciting, forced me to grow and gave me purpose. Most days I was happy and grateful to be taking baby steps that moved me forward to my dream life.

And because my dream life is expensive as fuck (#neversettle), money was my focus.

I saw $$$,$$$,$$$ as the root of all freedom. I was already in good health, had good friends, learned positive emotional control through studying Tony Robbins, and had a growing connection with God.

I could not deny that making a few million bucks was the single solution to destroying 90% of the barriers standing between me and my dream life.

So what started out 10 years ago as a dream of making $50,000 every 2 weeks from a laptop on an island in the Caribbean…

Ended me up walking into Rythmia as an entrepreneur without a business.

As a man without a purpose.

Thank You, Lord God Almighty, for bringing Rythmia to this earth.

Because Rythmia showed me my purpose.

Rythmia gave me the tools to unlock something within me.

Rythmia destroyed everything that was holding me back from where I wanted to be.

Rythmia’s beautiful campus

The Truth About What Happened At Rythmia

On Day 1 I had one of the most insane experiences in my life. Looking God in her big beautiful mystical green eyes.

That night, I laid awake all night thinking about what happened. My mind was blown to smithereens.

When I woke up, I knew I must write it down. All of it. And I knew I had to hurry. Because the second night was starting.

So I blasted through as hard as I could to get every little detail about Day 1. With the pressure of the upcoming Day 2 on my tail.

It took me 4 hours to write between classes. And I was absolutely fucking flying.

Even though 2 and a half years ago… I gave up on writing entirely. I had thrown the pen out the window and hired someone to write for me.

(I’ve been creating “new-age infomercials” for over 5 years now)

Yet now, I could feel the rust coming off the hinges. The wheels were starting to turn again.

By the time it was completed, my Day 1 experience felt to me like the greatest thing I had ever written in my life.

And that’s not an ego statement. That’s just how insanely proud I felt about it.

It was a wild, wicked, and twisted tale and It was exactly what happened to me.

Snapshot of where I wrote the entire Ayauasca series in 4-Days

“I’m going to be crucified if I post this… and my mom’s going to have a heart attack”

My brain was going left and right with what would happen if I told people about Day 1.

I hesitated for an hour.

Then eventually. I thought. Just fucking send it.

I uploaded Day 1 to my Medium account, blasted it on my Facebook, Instagram, shut my laptop, and went to orientation for Day 2.

I had no clue what people were going to say. And if the response was terrible, I didn’t want to know that before I’m about to trip fucking balls on Day 2’s ceremony.

I mentioned to a guy outside the temple before the day 2 ceremony that I just wrote everything down and posted it on my Instagram.

He was like, “Yeah I would not do that.”

Unfortunately for me, the crazy ass shit that took place on Day 2 made Day 1 look like I was a saint. Day 2 went so far off the deep end that by the time it was done…

I was like, “No way on earth I am sharing this”

  • God had blown me off on a date
  • I applied to be her apprentice
  • She turned me into a Wizard
  • And I signed a 10,000 contract to work for her in exchange for power, riches, fame, and a lifetime of fulfilling contribution

I think I’m losing it.

So without checking the replies from the previous day, I wrote a follow-up Day 2 post on Medium.

All it said was, “She blew me off” and posted it on my Instagram/Facebook.

Sending everybody off in a direction that didn’t really happen. But made me look less crazy than I was feeling.

But I knew I had to write down what actually happened and clear my mind for Day 3.

So again. For another 4–5 hours, I sat in a corner by myself and wrote down exactly what happened on Day 2. It felt fucking amazing to let the words flow through me. And because I knew no one would read it, I didn’t give a shit. Nothing was held back so the words flowed like a river.

When it was completed, I saved it and stashed it away as a secret memory I’d have forever.

A beautiful person who looks like Anissa meditating at Rythmia

When I came to check the feedback from Day 1’s post.

I couldn’t believe what you beautiful people said to me.

  • “Fucking phenomenal!!! Absolutely fucking phenomenal!”
  • “Absolutely incredible read! Best of luck on your date!”
  • “I read the whole thing. That’s amazing!”
  • “I am mad happy for you. Brought tears to my eyes reading about your entire first experience. When you wanted something as bad as you wanted to breathe, the world froze and answered you.”
  • “Great lessons to learn from your experience. Thank you for taking the time to write that. I can’t wait to read about your second night.”

It was so twisted even my Mom was sending my Bible Verses to make sure I’m still going to end up in heaven with her. (will do mom)

Love you Mom! Won't let you down ❤

I was so happy and relieved that I went to go get lunch with some friends just to soak it all in.

I ended up sitting down with the guy who screamed “GRAACIIIAAASSSS!!!!” on Day 4.

He tells me, “Yo how the hell are we supposed to tell people back in the real world what happened? These Ayahausca experiences are so insane that people gonna think I’m crazy!”

I told him,

“Dude don't worry about it. I wrote down everything and posted it. I thought I was going to get crucified and everybody was going to chase after me and kill me… But I was SO WRONG! The opposite is true!!!

The people are loving it! They’re loving the truth of it all. I think these are secret ideas that everybody has but are too afraid to talk about. The world doesn’t have enough wild & crazy ass stories like this…”

He looks at me and says,

~ “Thank you so much for sharing that!!! That’s so true I’ve been holding so much back in fear of what others think!”

When lunch is over…I go back to my room and I’m thinking…

“The world doesn’t have enough wild and crazy-ass stories like this…”

“The world doesn’t have enough wild and crazy-ass stories like this…”

“The world doesn’t have enough wild and crazy-ass stories like this…”


Day 2 happened to me. Day 2 is the truth. Day 2 was who I am at that specific moment.

So if some oversized, lizard-brain, toxic, limp-dick energy of a Karen has a problem with me living as my true self then…


Life’s too short to go around living the way someone else wants me to live. I am sick of putting limits on who I am just because of what other people will think.

On top of that… I already healed 95% of my narcissistic tendencies and middle-child issues at the Hoffman Institute which stemmed from me being neglected as a kid. (more on that in a future post)

So now instead of going around being an attention whore desperately trying to fill a gaping void with the endless need for more money, more success, and more fame as proof and validation that I’m finally good enough to be somebody worth loving…

I now love myself so much that confidence doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just me being my pure self. Which means I can write from a place without needing approval. Without needing anyone to like me. Because I love myself. And nobody can take away the love I have for who I am.

SO FUCK ALL YOU KAREN BITCHES!!!! I see you. I hear you. And I raise my middle finger in salutations.

I upload the full story. Post it on my Instagram and slam my laptop closed.

Stepping outside I look out onto the beautiful Costa Rican horizon. Into the blue skies and diverse jungle. I can hear the monkeys howling through the air and the birds chirping away. The sun warms my skin.

Something’s shifted within me.

I am not the same man who walked into that room.

I am a writer. I am fucking writer.

I am a fucking wild & crazy, twisted ass, fucking masterful David Bowie of a rockstar writer with Wizard manifesting powers, a 1 gigabit per second Google Fiber direct link to God, and sick wizard swag.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

Rythmia showed me who I’ve been trying to become my whole life.

I rip into the Day 3 ceremony. Spend 4–5 hours the next day putting it all together.

Check the feedback. Now my Mom’s identical twin sister is sending me Bible Verses.

My Aunt Connie does not fuck around when it comes to Jesus and making sure her nephew gets to heaven

For Day 4 I spend the entire 8 hours documenting the crazy-ass, almost-massacre that happened. Then another 6–7 hours of writing putting it together over the next two days.

Post it. And again the positive feedback I’m getting is insane.

Here’s the point…

Rythmia showed me who I’ve been trying to be my whole life. And the brilliance of the mother Ayahuasca plant medicine guided me through the exact stages I needed to become that person.

It was absolutely life-transforming for me.

But lemme tell ya, my story is nothing compared to what happens to everyone else.

Breakthrough upon breakthrough happened at Rythmia. They claim that 93.26% of the people who show up receive a miracle. (They track it all)

That’s about how many people I talked to had a miracle happen. Literally, almost everyone would share the most profound and inspiring story.

You can read about a lot of them on Rythmia’s Trip Advisor Page

Or you can hear what Kelly Slater, Graham Handcock, and Michael Beckwith had to say about Rythmia in this short 1min 45sec video.

There’s not a place on earth I’d rather take Ayahuasca than at Rythmia

Listen, If you’re on the fence about trying Ayahausca at Rythmia. Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait. Get off the fence. Take your foot off the brake. Take a leap. Take action by deciding you’re going to go now. Then click here to go to their website, hover that mouse over that “Book Your Trip” button.

Book that shit now. Tell them Peter Kell sent you.

I believe it starts at $4k and if you want a private suite then it’s something like $6k-7k.

For me, it felt like alot. But the second I discovered that Michael Beckwith (one of the lead stars of my favorite movie The Secret) was involved with the development of Rythmia… I was fucking in. IM IN!!!!! I knew this must be something I experienced in my life. Michael is so fucking legit, good-hearted, and his work BRILLIANT. I could not live knowing that Michael’s been putting his blessing on an Ayahuasca retreat called Rythmia and not try it myself.

They had me by the BALLS when I found this out. I’d do it even if it was $20,000. I literally could not live knowing I didn’t at least try this so I went to this page and booked my trip immediately.

Michael Beckwith & Rythmia Founder Gerry Powell

If you’ve got the slightest curiosity about what taking Ayahuasca could do to transform your life…don't hesitate on Rythmia. There’s no other place on the planet better designed to guide you through your Ayahuasca experience than Rythmia. Rythmia cannot be replicated. The shaman teams they brought into guide you are world-class, stone-cold professionals.

Shoot them an email now. Get your objections handled and sign up because I guarantee their prices are gonna go up. It’s not 8 hours of hardcore psychedelic DMT like everyone thinks it is. It’s totally clean. There’s no comedown. You feel amazing after each day. It’s brilliant.

And It’s gotta be expensive as hell to run an operation like this. They’re producing more miracles than fucking Disneyland.

So the risk of price rise is real. Talk to someone on the phone. Whatever it takes to get here. Make moves now and tell them Peter Kell sent you.

I get free tickets when you say you came from my referral and I wanna come back for the rest of my life, so read on because I want to tell you about their founder and the location.

If you think Rythmia is all about taking your money… then you’re smoking crack.

Rythmia Founder Gerry Powell

The founder Gerard “Gerry” Powell is a brilliant and uber successful businessman. Having build and sold multiple companies building a fortune to the tune of around $60,000,000. He built Rythmia after as a labor of love. It’s not a make money business.

Gerry lives on-site and goes to breakfast every day at 7am and talks to everybody. He’s one of the coolest & craziest dudes on the planet and lives only to see the look on your face on Day 7 after your mind’s been blown to smithereens from your life-transforming experience. And I totally get it.

I thought this place was crazy when I walked in on Day 1. I ran into the group preparing to leave from the week before. They were smiling ear to ear telling me I was in the time of my life. I thought they’d lost it. Then on Day 7, I became one of them. I saw next week’s group walked in. And suddenly I was the crazy guy smiling ear to ear raving about the insane experience they’re about to have. Shit came full circle.

The rooms are beautiful. The food is incredible. The location is breathtaking. You got jacuzzis, cold plunge pools, colon cleanse site, embryotic stem cell treatments which made my skin feel soft and amazing, massages and more.

The staff is kind and will be calling you by your first name all week. Everything is incredibly clean and their COVID standards go above and beyond what’s necessary.

On top of that, you’ll be in Costa Rica!!!

Rio Celeste Blue Waterfall in Costa Rica

20 minutes away from Tamarindo and 90 minutes away from Nosara. Two sick Costa Rica surf towns. So when you wrap up one of the greatest trips of your life, you can continue your beautiful travel adventure through Costa Rica. Swim through waterfalls, climb up volcanos, rip dune buggies through the jungle, get pitted surfing the warm waves, go shopping for the Pura Vida vibes, or just get smiled at by the incredible and beautiful people of Costa Rica.

Come experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Gerry’s created. Come discover what mother Ayausasca can do for you. Come to Costa Rica. Click here to book your trip to Rythmia now and tell them Peter Kell sent you so I get a bunch of free trips back to Rythmia and get to relive this amazing experience over and over again. Thank you my friends.

Book Your Trip To Rythmia Now

What’s The Catch?

Lets be real here. If you read about my experience on Day 4, then you already know Ayahuasca isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It mostly is. But it’s not all the time.

Crazy ass shit can happen on a day when a room full of 40 people are releasing a lifetime's worth of hell. And unfortunately, not everybody has a miracle happen to them. Only 93.26% of the people who go report a life-changing miracle in their lives. (They interview everybody and track everything to get this number)

My good friend Jason who came here suffered from severe debilitating migraines. He has had multiple concussions all throughout his life and has been on an endless search to heal his headaches. He read there was a shot that the Ayahuasca medicine could do this. So he signed up. And as much as I wish I could tell you he transformed. He didn’t. It made his headaches worse and decided to stop after Day 3. His search continues. Sorry man.

But I’m sure what you’re most interested in is…

What happened to Anissa?

Last we heard from Day 4, was Anissa’s terrifying and tragic experience.

When I saw her the next day, there were bruises on her arm and scratches on some of her fingers.

We could only talk for a short moment because almost a dozen people kept coming up to her. Restarting the “Hey!! Are you ok? What happened?” conversation over and over again with her.

I leave to let her talk to everyone.

After a few hours, I shoot her a text to Anissa asking when she’s leaving.

She’s already on the plane home.

And feels as if something is horribly wrong.

She’s going to the hospital.

Click here to read Anissa’s Story: Inside Anissa’s Brutality Part 1: The Toll On the Body

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