My Ayahuasca Experience Day 1: Slapped in the Face with a Miracle at Rythmia

Last night I had my first Ayahuasca experience in Costa Rica at a 5-star resort called Rythmia.

The most extraordinary thing happened when I tried it and I must share it with you…

Listen close because before I came to Rythmia, I had heard you must come with a question you wanted to have answered by the universe.

“What's the next most amazing thing I’m supposed to do with my life?” I would ask.

My mind buzzed in anticipation for the answer.

During the day, we had a 3-hour break.

So I grabbed my journal and studied my next 4-month plan to move me towards my ultimate goals.

During this time I realized that with how much I journal, I’m already super on top of what I am supposed to do next. It wasn’t a mystery.

I am clear and focused there.

So I asked myself another question.

What am I doing at Rythmia?

What are my intentions for this Ayahuasca trip?

And I thought …

You know what? God has given me this incredible life with the most incredible blessings.

I am here to thank her.

We have worked together for so long and been through the world on our journey.

I must thank her. For she is a good friend.

We had ridden together through incredible adventures together.

Maybe I could find a way to meet my old friend at her house in the sky?

I had decided, when I took the Ayahuasca ceremony tonight, I was going to search for her.

I would embark on a mission to find my old friend.

At 5:00pm I arrive at the ceremony temple with my Journal, my Ayahuasca token, and my shot glass. With all my friends waiting outside for them to let us in.

I was feeling so exhausted. I woke up at 2am that morning from Jetlag after traveling 20 hours from Sweden the day before. My body was so tired. But I knew, if this medicine was the real deal… that’d be no problem. I’d spring back to life real quick.

After speaking to everyone, they’re all anticipating different things.

Is there going to be a mad rush to the toilet where we all shit our pants?

What kind of trip is it going to be?

What are we going to see?

What is your spirit animal?

Where do we need to go?

What’s going to happen?

Everyone had all these questions.

For ninety percent of us, it was our first time taking Ayahuasca

At 5:30pm they let us into the temple. About fifty of us.

It’s a massive open room with beds all over the floor. We are asked to go and find our spot in silence. We’re asked to be in silence as we walk in and look for our spots to sit down.

Each bed has a nice soft brown blanket and a white fluffy pillow on it with white sheets. And a barf bowl in front of it. It's a sick spot.

The walls are plain with the occasional spiritual symbols hanging. And big open windows all over letting a fresh and cooling breeze come in the temple.

I see a table in the center of the room with crystals, a fan, a glowing moon, and a candle.

And there are shamans lining the walls. I wasn’t sure if they’re all shamans or just helpers. But there were around 12 shaman-like people there to serve all of us. And one shaman leader in the center with an older woman sitting next to him.

Above their heads in the front of the room were 3 big signs.

  • Show me who I have become
  • Merge me with my soul at all costs
  • Heal my Heart

I find my seat in the corner with 2 friends. Under an open window. I can see the stars by looking out and I’m next to the bathroom in case something troublesome comes up.

As everyone finds their seat. The lead shaman asks us all to come to the center of the room so he can speak to us.

He says: “What is your intentions for tonight? Why you are here?”

I’m just thinking

“I am here to find my friend. I must find my friend. To thank her for everything she’s done in my life. And show her the plans for us in our future. I’m gonna find my fucking friend.”

The lead shaman explains that we’re about to take mystical medicine from the plants. And that this plant works in the most magical and amazing ways. And to get where you want to must go… you must relax and focus on your breath.

I’m like “Let's fucking do this. I’m gonna go meet my friend”

He points to the shrine in the center of the room. And mentions it has a power to it. And if you’d like you can go stand next to it for healing.

“I don't care about the shrine. I’m here to meet my friend”

He explains that the Ayahuasca medicine we will be taking is at a very high vibration and frequency. Your body may not be used to this kind of high vibrational medicine.

So when you take it, it is possible your body will purge all of the lower vibration things out of your body. Releasing all the physical crap. Either through crying, sweating, throwing up, or even shit your pants.

“Fuck it.” I thought. While slowly taking a quick peak to see exactly where the nearest restrooms is.

He explained that we’re all going to take our first shot. Then 1 hour later. He is going to invite us to come up and have a second. Then if you want to go even deeper, we must come to him and ask for more. You can have as much as you want, as long as you can stand.

After he gives us the rundown we all line up to take our first drink. 2 Big lines with everyone holding their small shot glass.

At 6:50pm, it’s my turn in line. I hand my shot glass to one of the assistant shamans. And she fills it with this dark green jungle juice they call medicine. Which is clearly some hard-core psychedelic drugs by my definition. But whatever. Here’s it’s Ayahuasca medicine.

She makes some chant and blesses the drink then hands it to me. And I take the first Ayahuasca drink in my entire life standing in front of her.

It tastes like dark greens, mixed with dirt, with a hint of broken sticks.

But it was a shot so it was fast. Not that bad. Not some big ass bowl like i was expecting from movies.

“Thank you” I said. Then went to take my seat and wait. As they say it takes around 45 minutes to kick in.

At 7:30pm. I heard my first-person throw up. It was a tiny barf.

But I wasn’t feeling anything yet. Just tired as hell from no sleep.

They turned the music on. It’s relaxing jungle music that sets the tone perfectly. I could even hear howler monkeys screaming up at the moon outside. and the crickets chirping.

I look down at my journal on my bed and see the cover “Something amazing is about to happen”

I felt that to be true.

At 8:00 I saw my first crazy person. Some lady just dancing wildly in the center of the room to the music. Hands raised to the sky. She was really going for it.

During the next hour, something weird began to happen. I started feeling this weird tingling sensation in my 3rd eye. It felt like I had an eye in the center of my forehead that was twitching. Like it was trying to wake up and open or something.

This is insane because I gave up on the whole 3rd eye thing 7 years ago. And thought it was useless and threw the idea away.

I was shocked when I started to feel something going on there. I did not see that except that and had no clue whats going on.

But still, no visions. This trip was super mild and relaxing so far.

And I knew, if I was going to see my friend in her world, I’d need to seriously amp up the medicine dosage.

Thankfully when I opened my eyes and looked up.

2 massive lines had formed in front of me facing the lead shaman in the center of the room. Everyone was lining up for their 2nd shot.

Apparently, the shaman called for the 2nd shot and I was too lost in my mind already from the first one I missed the announcement.

I was thankful though. I jumped up and got in line. Lets do this.

At 9pm. I took my 2nd drink of Ayahuasca. Deciding in line that 45 minutes later, I am going to come back up and ask for my third shot.

Because if i was going to see my friend, I have to go WAYYYYY deeper than this.

My turn, pound it. More of the magical dark grass, dirt and broken sticks.

I felt a little queazy after that shot. But I was able to hold it in.

It turns out, there wasn’t a mad rush for the restrooms like everyone was thinking. But people were beginning to start purging by throwing up in their buckets in front of them.

I told myself. Ok. I’m going to relax here.

I doubt I’ll be able to meet my friend until my 3rd drink. So lets burn 45 minutes and enjoy this experience lying in my bed and wait for the 2nd one to hit.

I closed my eyes and began to think of all the things I was going to tell my friend when I met her. We had been working together for years. She had guided me through the most difficult times and lead me to the most amazing experiences. I had so much to thank her for. For my family, for my health, for my wealth. for my friends. for my past. And for all the amazing things that are coming my way now. I had a plan I had to share with her in person. Our plan could get her message to millions of people across the world.

I could not wait to arrive at her house (wherever that was) and see my friend.

I begin to feel more alive. more of an energy is flowing within me.

I also started to feel a little drunk. Some psychedelic visuals began to dance around me.

But the visions are still mild. There was a fuzzy warm feeling coming up inside of me. I start to get a little hot.

I unbuttoned this cool dark blue button-up I got in Tulum to reveal my chest so I could cool down and took off my lightning bolt necklace.

It felt nice.

But I'm not here for fuzzy feelings.

I’m here to meet my friend.

After 45 minutes or so I look at my watch. It’s too dark for me to see what time it is.

I could see the time before because of these cool glow-in-the-dark dials it had. But the glow had faded. I cant see what time it is.

So I stand up, grab my shot glass, and walk alone to the center of the room. In front of the lead shaman and his crew.

His assistant stands up and walks over to me while the leader just looks.

I tell her I want to go deeper ask politely for my 3rd drink and hand her my cup.

She pours it for me. And I take my 3rd drink.

Bitter Dark greens, dirt with a hint of sticks.

Uh oh.

I think i’m going to throw up. I get back to my bed and put my head over the bucket to try and hold it in.

It doesn’t work. and I throw up. Mildly bad. It looks like black tar and it feels horrible.

It felt like I was earning it.

I will come to her at whatever costs.

One of the assistant shamans heard me puking my guts out and came over. And did some ritual where he drank a glass of this alcohol-infused drink and sprayed a gentle mist over the front of me. Then over the back of me.

It felt so refreshing when the mist hit my face, stomach, and neck.

It felt like I was about to go somewhere.

But deep inside I began to feel frustrated.

Because I knew I needed to go deeper.

The 3rd drink I took, I literally just threw it up. There’s no way I got that into my system

I need to get more.

So I laid in my bed. And waited another 30 minutes so I could go back to the shamans.

When I woke up and went back to the center of the room with my shot glass.

And stumbled my way back in front of the lead shaman. My body was starting to feel pretty drunk.

This time the lead shaman stood up and walked up to me.

I said, “Hello my friend. I’m here to take my 3rd drink”

He steps back, and two of his assistants walk up and speak to him privately.

He comes back to me, and said, “You have already had your 3rd drink”

I said “yes. But I threw it up instantly. So i went back to my bed and waited 30 minutes and now I am back for my 3rd drink.”

He looks at me and says,

“you are mistaken, It has only been 5 minutes since your last drink”

WTF. I was shocked. Time was going slower than anything I could imagine. Every minute felt like a beautiful eternity.

He said, “You have lost track of time. Go back and lay down for 30 more minutes. If you still feel you need more you can come back for more.”

“Ok. I will lay down and be back in 30 minutes”

As I walked away he said….

“IF you can remember”

I turned around.

“WTF. If I can remember?” I looked at him in the eyes, smiled, politely pointed my finger at him and “I am committed”

And walked back to my bed and laid down.

The medicine is starting to hit me hard.

Beautiful colors dancing around me. Teasing me with their sexual energy.

I became lost in the euphoria of bliss and pleasure. The incredible music filled me with joy and I could see the stars in the sky outside my window. And the cool breeze coming across my chest.

I closed my eyes and entered a new world. And for what seemed like an eternity, I danced together with the medicine.

It felt like hours had gone by. when a voice rang in my head.

“WAKE UP PETER. Remember your friend. Remember why you are here. You must meet your friend”

I snapped out of the trance. And I sat up.

leaning my back against the wall. I was tripping some serious balls.

but I knew I was not deep enough to meet my friend.

I knew if I laid down again, I might be sucked into the medicine for good and never come back until it’s too late.

So I sat up and waited. And kept my eyes open to resist the urge of diving back into the goodness. Potentially being lost forever.

The music was still dancing me back and forward. In the bed. And I could begin to hear the sounds of others purging. There was a lot.

I look down at my watch. I still can't see the time. But It felt like hours had passed so I knew it must have already been at least 30 minutes. I waited a bit longer.

I looked towards the center of the room and saw the shrine. The only light in this dark room was this glowing moon and candle with its flame.

I wondered if I could use the light from the moon and candle to light back up my glowing dials.

So I can tell the time again. And not make the same mistake again.

Then I would be ready to ask for my 4th drink.

Something felt wrong though. I felt as if I had been asking too much from the shamans already.

And don't want to keep asking without giving.

So I thought, I will leave my shot glass behind and I am going to charge my watch and meet the leader.

First I must be presentable. I look down at my chest hanging out with my unbuttoned shirt.

I looked like a drunk cocky sailer.

So I buttoned myself back up. straightened my shirt out, fixed my hair, and put back on my lightning bolt necklace.

I took a few deep breaths and stood up and walked slowly to the center of the room.

And placed my watch next to the moon and the candle flame to try and to bring back the glow on my dials.

I look at it. Nothing. I stood there for another 45 seconds holding my watch next to the light.

And I look at it again. Nothing. Doesn’t work. Ok. Good try.

I walk to the center of the room and stand in front of the shaman. With 6 of his people by his side.

He sat on a large spiritual thrown and there was a pillow below him.

He gestured me to take a knee on the pillow so I sat down in front of him and leaned in.

I told him. “Hey, we haven’t met yet by the way. My name is Peter.”

“Yes” he said.

“I wanted to thank you for putting this together. You are working some serious miracles in this room buddy. It’s pretty crazy!”

He looked at me and nodded, “Yes.” (which felt to me like WTF do you want)

I said: “I too seek to become a miracle worker like you one day. You know, get some of that magic in my fingertips. you know what I'm saying!?”

He laughed and a huge smile came onto his face.

“Yes, yes.” he said as we shook hands. “My name is Chris. It’s nice to meet you. How can I help you”

(fucking Chris? thought his name would be like Zimbabwe or some shit *please excuse my racism*)

I pointed over to my bed, and said, “that stuff you got me going through over there is pretty amazing. But I am not here to get drunk. I am here to meet a friend”

He looked at me. “Ahhh and you think that taking more of the medicine will help you get what you want. It doesn’t often work that way with the medicine. I think you may have some over indulging and impatience in your life.”

(shots fired)

“That is definitely true,” I said, “ I am all about moving as fast as I can. Maybe I have been impatient and asking for too much. Yet still, I am not here to get drunk. I’m here to meet a friend. And I must find a way to meet her”

“Yes.” He said. “You must learn to control your breathing. And be patient. She is often showing up where you are weak.”

I was like, “Your right, I must be patient”.

And thought to myself. “God Damnit. Of course, it’s gonna be I need more patience. This girl really knows how to seduce me”

Shaman Chris said. “How many drinks have you had?”

“I threw up my 3rd drink so really I only feel like I had 2.”

He said, “Ok, do you have your glass? I will pour you another and maybe you will meet your friend”

I went back to my bed grabbed my glass and came back.

He poured the drink, performed his chant, and handed it to me.

Dark Grass, Dirt, and a hint of broken sticks.

Thank you, Chris. I’ll see you later. He says, “Good luck”

It sits well this time.

I was ready. It was time to meet my friend.

Remembering, if she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, then I must be patient.

I lay down on my bed and close my eyes.

I enter into my mind, ready to find my friend. At all costs.”

I close my eyes. And affirm to myself. “I am here to meet my friend. I must meet my friend. I must learn to be patient. I must Relax.”

I begin to fall into another trance. This time the medicine is really hitting me.

I fall back into the beautiful colors and the tranquil music from the jungle.

I feel the breeze on my body. And again get lost in a world of bliss and pleasure.

Bouncing from one side to the next. As the wind blows against my body.

After what felt like another eternity.

I heard another voice call in my head.

“Peter Your friend. You must find your friend. Don’t get distracted. Focus peter. Center your mind to clear yourself. Practice your breathing.”

So I try a breathing technique I knew before. Breathing in and out slowly in a rhythmic style. Going deep into my belly.

Trying to relax.

Next thing I know I hear another voice.

“Pete WAKE UP.” And I snap too.

WTF. My technique didn’t work. I’m lit as balls right now. My mind had gotten lost in my thoughts and the pleasure of the medicine again. Maybe another hour has gone by.

I'm starting to feel scared, I have no idea how much time is left until the whole ceremony is over. I was terrified of the idea of not seeing her.

So I tried another breathing technique

This time, breathing fast and rhythmically, over and over again. Trying as hard as I can to clear the thoughts and focus on my breath.

Focusing focusing focusing.

Then I hear the voice again “WAKE UP PETER YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME”

I got lost again and maybe another hour went by again. I’m beginning to get frantic. And can feel the time running out.

“I must meet my friend. I have come all this way to see her. I must see her. I have so much to tell her. I cannot fail tonight I must see her. “

I tried one last breathing technique I knew. A mix of fast and slow breathing. Focusing my mind as hard as I could. Giving everything I had to focus on controlling my thoughts and focusing on my breathing.

To try and find my friend.


I hear the voice again in my head. I can't do it. The medicine was too strong for me.

Tears begin to stream down my face.

I can’t do it. That was all I had. I have nothing more. I have given you everything but I cannot find you. I am lost. I am stuck.

All the colors have gone and I am lost in the darkness in my mind.

“I must find you. I must see my friend.”

In desperation, I cried out to God in my mind.

“Help me, God! I am in shambles. I have given everything. I have nothing left. I have no way to meet my friend. But I must meet her. Please I need help. Send me a way to meet my friend.”

The god damn, mother fucking moment I said that….

The music in the entire temple stopped. Dead quiet.

The temple became so silent so fast that all the air exhaled out of my lungs. And my whole body became silent. My breath froze.

“What is happening I thought? That must be a coincidence”

To keep the silence, I inhaled as lightly as I could through my mouth. And began to breathe like my breath had my taken away.

The smallest, shortest micro breath that felt like I wasn't even breathing.

I could not understand how I was living as I knew I was barely breathing.

But I thought, maybe there’s something to this and I keep going.

All of a sudden the music turned back on. loud this time. This jungle sound. And a gust of wind bust through my window and chilled across my face and my arms and my legs.

I felt as if some Wizard of Oz type whirlwind shit had picked up and was spinning all around me. Massive gusts of wind spinning, spinning, and spinning.

And then I felt something amazing.


And I turn around.


Standing right behind me. Staring right at me. Covered in darkness except her eyes.

I looked her in the eyes. She took my breath away.

Her eyes were big and magical. Majestic and green. Sparkling with the stars of the universe.

The bag I brought with everything I had come to say to her, all the stuff I had to impress her, and everything I had ever worked for in her name dropped to the floor.

And we stared into each other's souls.

The bag. With all the stuff. Became meaningless.

There was no more stuff. It was only our souls.

And we stared into each other's eyes for 5 of the most beautiful minutes of my life.

And I was speechless.

Without a single word, she began to teach me.

There is no stuff. Only souls.

I have been caring too much about stuff. And completely missing the souls of another person.

The souls walking this earth.

It was the most blissful moment of my life.

When I was finally able to pick my jaw up off the floor… I asked her.

“Why do you only show me your eyes? Can you show me who you are?”

She looked at me as if she was smirking. As if she’d see me again. And then disappeared.

I had met my friend.

I opened my eyes and sat up. and began to cry. Scribbling furiously in the dark into my journal.

‘I looked her in the eyes. She took my breath away”

I could not believe this happened.

And I could not believe she showed up right behind me.

She showed up right behind me. Like a total boss-ass gangster. And I had no fucking clue.

But now I knew. She is alive. She is real. and one day she will manifest.

And I felt as if it won't matter what I’m wearing, it won't matter what I say, and I won't have to impress her.

All I have to do is stare into her eyes. And look into her soul.

And we will know. We will be together again.

I lay in the bed for 20 more minutes. Trying to put the pieces together in my mind of what just happened.

My mind was completely blown off of this planet.

Eventually, the lights turned on. And the shaman brought us all back together again.

I was so fucking lit I did not understand a single word he said. And sometime later we wrapped it up.

I walked down with my friends down to the pull. And laid in the chair under the night sky for another hour.

I could not comprehend what had just happened.

This was only the first day of the event. There are still 3 more ceremonies to go.

The next day I woke up in my room. Grabbed my computer and furiously wrote this all down to get it out of my mind.

Because tonight we’re going on another trip.

And I'm going on a date with a woman out of this universe.

Let's see how it goes🙂

My Ayahuasca Experience Day 2: Moon Lambos and Wizard School. All Hail the Queen!

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