My Ayahuasca Experience Day 4: “We’re Going to Die in Here! It’s Going To Be A Massacre!!!”

~ “I’m scared.”

“Anissa, you got this. This is going to be one of the greatest nights of our lives”

My sister Anissa did not want to go tonight. In fact, a lot of people did not want to go last night. Many saying they were staying behind.

I met Anissa when we arrived here. We became close friends and spent most of the week together. Taking the Ayahuasca next to each other each night. She is a beautiful Columbian woman with gorgeous dark flowing hair, a beaming smile, and the face and heart of an angel.

Yet she did not want to go tonight.

You see, we’ll be drinking this new deep jungle shit straight from the heart of Columbia. It’s called Yage, and uses an ancient DMT leaf. Guided by a new shaman crew. It’s the final trip. And the strongest medicine we’ve ever taken.

They’ve spoken about this night all week. They told us we were going to party and dance till the sun rose the next day.

However, 3 days in a row of taking Ayahuasca really gets to you. Especially since everyone only got to sleep around 3 hours each night.

And last night had been a bit rough for Anissa. She did not feel good about tonight.

“Anissa it’s ok. This is going to be incredible. You create your own reality with Ayahuasca. Focus hard, ‘What would make this night one of the most amazing nights of our lives?’

~ “I don’t know. Maybe flying around the Columbian sky as a condor? It’s my home country. That would be amazing. And give me so much freedom.”

“Hell yeah! Focus on that. Thank the medicine for sending this to you and you will have it!”

~ “But I dont know if I want to go.”

“Come with me! You got this. This is our last night. And I’ll be right next to you. I will keep you safe. Let's go together. This is going to be incredible!”

~ “Ok… Yeah. We got this. This is going to be amazing.”

At 7:30pm we arrive at the front of the temple. I’m decked out in all my Wizard swag.

I look to see dark clouds have formed in the sky. Rain begins to fall on our heads as we wait for the shamans to let us in. Thunder roars in the distance.

I couldn’t care less. I am literally bouncing off the walls with how excited I am right now.

Tonight’s the last night.

And I’ve decided I will not stop drinking it until I’m able to grab a Lambo with rockets on the back and fly it to the moon. Ripping donuts in mooncraters.

It’s always been my dream. I’m disappointed it didn’t happen on Day 2 so I thought tonight might be the only chance I get. Until Elon Musk releases some sort of space elevator so I can ship my car up there.

I’m ready to go balls deep tonight. As the Yage Ayahuasca is supposed to be incredible.

At 7:50pm. One of the assistants opens the door. And lets us inside the temple. Out of the rain. I go and grab the original bed I had on my first day.

As everyone begins to come in. I see Anissa’s bed next to me is empty.

Where did she go? She was right behind me before I came in… did she bail at the last second?

10 minutes go by and still no Anissa.

I look into the center of the room and I see the man leading the experience tonight.

His name was Leo. He had a ruthless Columbian look to him. Wearing a necklace of crocodile-like teeth, his shaman outfit, and a round black fedora hat. His face is rough like an 80's Columbian gangster who’s seen some shit. I would not want to run into this man alone in the jungle.

My other friend pointed out how much smaller his shaman team is than previous nights. There are much fewer people by his side to help run the ceremony. They all move slow and silently. One of them is a 70-year-old woman wearing a white dress. She’s creepy as fuck.

Weird for the big party on our last night.

Leo’s assistant stands up to make an announcement.

“Everyone, please meet in the center, so you can share your intentions with Leo”

I roll up in line. And when it’s my turn. I bow down in front of him saying,

“Nice to meet you Leo. I’m Peter. Thanks again for this. My intentions for tonight are to have one of the most amazing nights of my life. Jump in a lambo with rockets on the back and do donuts on the moon!”

He looks at me and says,

~ “Yes thank you. I will tell the medicine about your intention.”

(WTF really? You’re gonna tell the medicine about my lambo wishes? ok bro)

I go back to my bed and wait for everyone else to share their intentions with Leo.

The empty bed next to me where Anissa is supposed to be makes me sad. I wanted to experience this with her. Me and our other friend Brittney are wondering where she is.

A few minutes later. Brittney cries, “Anissa! There you are!”

Anissa comes walking up.

“Hey, Anissa you made it! Where you been?”

~ “I’m just finishing up that time of the month. The other shamans weren't sure if I’d be allowed to do tonight's ceremony.”

“You’re not allowed to do the 4th night if you’re on your period? Seriously?”

~ “Yeah, apparently. But I think I’m fine. As long as I don’t have any spots. They’re just going to keep an eye on me.”

“Wow what the hell is that about? You can do all the other 3 nights but not tonight? That doesn’t make sense to me. Well, I’m glad you made it. You ready to turn into a condor and fly across Columbia?”

~ “Yes!! It’s going to be so much fun”

An hour goes by and Leo calls for the first drink. Men on the left. Women on the right.

All the lights are off. The temple is pitch black. There is no music. Only the sound of the shamans chanting in the center of the room.

The clouds block the light of the moon. It’s dark as fuck outside.

I stand up and walk to the line for my drink.

When it’s my turn, Leo pours the Ayahuasca into my glass and performs his chant. Blessing it. I think…

I take the drink. It’s much thicker tonight. Dark and Disgusting. Like Sludge. My stomach feels uneasy. But it’s ok. I am expecting to be sick at some point.

I go back to my bed and watch as the rest of the room take their drink.

It’s fucking hot in here. I take off my shirt and my necklaces.

10 minutes later. Extreme sickness ensues.

People start vomiting. Harder than anything that's happened all weekend.

I’m starting to feel terrible. My body is tingling and my arms start shaking.

It’s dead fucking silent. I grab my journal and start writing as fast as I can.

I have to record this. I do not feel like good things are about to happen tonight.

Horrible sounds of thick liquids smashing into buckets echos across the room.

Men and women croak over and over again. Desperately trying to release the sickness within them. They fail. It continues.

Two hours go by. The violent sounds of vomit are endless. The moans and groans and pain in the room are endless. Everyone is fucking ripped.

I hear some unearthly screech from a woman down the hall. What. The. Fuck.

I don’t think I’m gonna be driving a lambo on the moon tonight.

I look to my left. Across from Anissa, I see my friend Brittney is gone.

She and her fucking bed are gone.

My stomach begins to churn. I focus my mind to hold it down.

I can hear shamanic chanting in the front of the room.

I look up and see 6 of the shamans with Leo standing in front. They’re preparing the 2nd round of drinks.

It looks like fucking suicide.

The whole room erupts in sickness. Dozens of people throwing up. Over and over again. It’s uncontrollable. Sounds of pain sweep through the room.

It’s fucking bad.

I look back at Leo making the drink.

It’s definitely fucking suicide.

I look right. And see someone starts playing the harmonica. And shaking the leaves. Finally some music. It begins to feel a little better.

I look back at Leo.

I am feeling sick just from the thought of a second drink.

I sit up. Look at the bowl in front of me, then I look up.

Leo stands in the front of the room and says.

“We are now serving the 2nd drink”

The moment he says that my stomach explodes out of my mouth. My bucket is filled with black tar and stomach acid.

For 2 minutes. I am crippled. Unleashing hell into this bucket

I can hear Anissa comforting me with her voice while I puke my guts out.

“It’s ok. It’s ok.”

I look up. Body shaking. Jaw clenching. There are only 4 mother fuckers standing in line for that 2nd drink. Compared to 30 before.

The whole room is dying.

I’m fucking dying. Goddamit. I consider my options.

“Fuck it. Let's do it.”

I smash my fist into my bed in anger for what's about to happen. Grab my drink. And storm to the front of the room. I’m fucking pissed.

The man in front of me can barely walk. Someone holds his shoulder to keep him from falling.

They spray him with the alcohol mist and he has his drink.

My turn.

I step up and a shaman helper asks me some questions:

  • Did you vomit? Yes
  • Did you use the restroom? Yes
  • Do you see visions? No
  • Are you drunk? (I stand on one leg successfully) No

He laughs.

They do a long chant to bless my drink.

2 guys spit the mist of the alcohol-infused brew on my chest, face, and back.

He gives me the drink. I’m praying it's a different drink. It’s not.

The acid in my mouth is washed back down by this disgusting sludge.

I go to lay down. My body is pulsating.

I hear Anissa next to me say, “When will it be over?”

I look over and see her eyes. She’s hurting bad. I reach out to touch her arm to comfort her and it scares the shit out of her.

She’s been talking to herself the whole time.

This whole room is fucked

I am shaking. My arms. My shoulders. My abdomen. It’s all shaking.

And it’s pitch black.

I feel sick again.

“FUCK NO!!! Hold that shit down mother fucker!!! You are NOT going for another!!!! HOLD THAT SHIT DOWN!!”

I close my eyes and focus as hard as I can. Hold it in. Hold it in. Hold it in.

My body begins to spasm.


I can hear Anissa’s still talking to herself.

Finally, my stomach relaxes. I take a second to breathe and calm down.

It’s dead quiet and pitch black. Where the fuck is the music and good vibes like the last 3 days?

It hits me.

They know.

They fucking know.


I look over at Anissa and she’s disappeared from her bed. CHRIST.

Sickness ensues all throughout the temple. People are throwing up left and right. It’s a fucking madhouse.





For my first act of bravery, I sit up.


The room fills with the sounds of my sickness.

After 30 seconds it finally ends and I lift my head out of my bowl.

Then some poor mother fucker across the room absolutely ROARS vomit out of his mouth.

It triggers me and I go straight back down and explode in my bucket.

Nothing comes out. There is nothing left.

Then some other maniac screams “GRACIAS!!!” at the top of his lungs.

Shamans begin to rush over to him.

Then he fucking roars louder than I’ve ever heard a man scream in my whole life.


Me and another guy cheer for his battle cry in approval.

My fucking people are in here.

As I slam back down against my bed I hear some other guy roaring in pain outside the building.

It’s gone bat shit fucking crazy now.

I’m writing so fast and so furious trying to keep up with this madhouse that the top of my pen explodes and sends its guts flying into the darkness.

But thankfully I brought another pen because I’m SUCH A SMART MIRACLE WORKING WIZARD MOTHER FUCKER.



Some other guy lets out another battle cry. “YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!”


The guy outside screams again.


I roll over and now I’m laughing hysterically.


Some lady down the hall rips through the sounds of giving birth.




The shamans rush over to her and start screaming at her in TUK TUK sounds.

It makes me double over in laughter as they take her outside.

Some dude starts playing the harmonica again & another shakes leaves to the beat.

The woman down the hall unleashes a spine-wrenching scream.

She’s definitely dead.

See ya soon lady.

Next thing I know somebody grabs my fucking ankle.


She’s back!

I reach out for a high five and she leaves me hanging.

I hold it in the air hoping we connect and it raises her spirits.

~ “NO”

She came back and saw me had scribbling furiously in my notebook and laughing like a madman.

I look her in the eyes. She says

~“Teach Me”


~ “I surrender”

I cant stop laughing.

~ “Is this going to end?”

“Yes it’s coming”

~ “I dont wanna be scared…”

“Something amazing is about to happen Anissa. They’re putting us through hell, then there’s gonna be a transformation, and it’s gonna turn into one of the best nights of our lives.”

(I had no clue how wrong I was)

I hold her shoulder.

“It’s almost done!”

Then I hear some chanting in the front of the room and look over.

4 Shamans are hoving over the drinks and chanting.

WTF are those fuckers going for round 3?


My sister Anissa looks at me and I can tell she’s terrified.

I hold her shoulder.

“It’s almost over. I am here”

As soon as I said that, that creepy fucking old lady in the white dress comes over, whispers in her ear, and takes Anissa away.

I look back to the center and now there are 10 shamans in the center of the room gathering to sit in a circle.

They’re chanting over and over again as men and women continue to puke bloody murder in the background. I sit up and start head-banging to their chants. I see a light across the hall turn on in what looks like a bathroom. Then it turns off like it was an accident.

I’m thinking:

“You stupid shaman fuckheads. Cant, you even do this HELL thing right?”

Im starting to understand why no girls on periods are allowed. This shit is fucking intense.

I see 70-year-old Alien Bob walking back to his bed like a mindless zombie.

Then the dead lady down the hall wakes back up ready to crank this party to 11. Screaming absolute bloody murder.




“I CANNOT!!!! I CANNOT!!!!!”



“OH GOD!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD!!!!!!!!”

All the shamans rush over at lightning speed as the tension in the air feels like the peace is about to snap.

She calms down and they take her outside.

Leo comes to the center of the room and says to everybody “Welcome to the Healing”

The lady outside continues to scream as if she’s now staring the grim reaper in the face.

I’m thinking:

“Yeah, I don't really feel like being in a massacre today. I still gotta release this day 4 post tomorrow…Also my Mom wants me to go to heaven so I need to make sure I live a long life and do a bunch of great things for the world”

“My Queen. Keep me safe”

~ “Done”


I start looking around the room. Most people are gone now.

The beds are all empty. It looks like all the women are gone. Where the fuck did everybody just go?

Shamans in the center start chanting again. There’s a rhythm to it.

Feels like a good time to practice my $50,000,000 dance.

I raise my hands in the air and start snapping my fingers to their beat. Chanting along side them. And dancing in my bed to their beat.

$50,000,000 is coming to me now. *snap*

$50,000,000 is coming to me now. *snap*

$50,000,000 is coming to me now. *snap*

$50,000,000 thanks for $50,000,000 *snap*

$50,000,000 thanks for $50,000,000 *snap*

$50,000,000 thanks for $50,000,000 *snap*

Feels good man.

The creepy old lady comes by my bed and looks at me.

She grabs my puke bucket and empties it into another one.

I can see vomit on the bottom of her dress. You look like shit lady.

The chant increases and I raise my fist in the air.

Rock n Roll mother fuckers! 🤘

I try to see what time it is. Still can't see anything.

The people in here will not stop throwing up.

They’ve been chanting in the center for about 40 minutes now.

I’m starting to get bored.

What happened to the 3rd drink?

All of a sudden I hear a sound coming from the outside window right behind my head. WTF.

I take a peek outside and see nothing but trees and the side of the temple. It’s pitch black. That was creepy af.

I lay down making sure my head is away from that window.

I look over and I see my sister Anissa is back!

“You’re back!”

~ “I’m so scared”

“It’s ok I’m here”

~ “Do you think anybody died?”

“Yeah one lady definitely died but she woke back up so it’s all good now. You’re safe with me. I’ll stand in front of you.”

~ “I’m just so scared of pain.”

“I’m here it will be fine”

Another shaman walks over and whispers into Anissa’s ear again.

Anissa lays on her back and the shaman starts waving the leaves over her head. Releasing the bad energy inside of her.

I sit up and lean my back against the wall.

HOLY FUCK some guy just threw up literally right behind me outside the window.

That scared the shit out of me.

I go to write that down, then FUCK! My other pen explodes.

Thank god I find the pieces and put it back together.


I peek out my window again. The guy’s sitting on the floor looking like he’s dying. Breathing very heavily.

I look towards the center and see the shamans are still chanting.

I look left for Anissa and she’s fucking disappeared again!! WTF

Then I hear a flute start playing.

I’m thinking, Ah ok finally. This is the part where the room transforms from hell into a positive life-transforming experience.

Took long enough.

Suddenly I can hear the dead or alive lady screaming WAAAAAYYYYYY down the hall.

20 minutes later a bass drum player joins the flute player.

And 2 shaman ladies come over and take Anissa’s stuff away.

Then the Dead or Alive Lady begins to scream bloody murder outside. Her terror levels are over 9000.

Never in my life have I ever heard a scream like it. She scrame as if 5 shamans were killing her while her husband is in earshot in the building.

“GET AWAY!!!!!! GET AWAY!!!!!!!”


Endless cries and screams.

The shamans play the harmonica to cover up her screams.

I look back out the window behind me. If shit hits the fan, I’m just gonna dive out of it and book it the fuck out of here.

The woman still screams the sounds of absolute terror.

Cries of death.

I lean back and accidentally bang my head against the wall causing a huge BOOM to echo through the temple.

Every shaman in the room whips their heads towards me. All staring directly at me at the same time.

Jesus Christ.

I’m writing everything down as fast as I can. I hope they don’t have a problem with this.

The woman still screams in the background. Far in the distance now.

She’s screaming for help.

Hardcore screams again.

She is completely losing it.

I remember seeing people leaving Rythmia on the day I arrived. They were some of the happiest people on the planet so I don't think they’re about to kill us all or something.

Also if they really wanted to shut her up, they could have done it a while ago.

She’s been screaming for like a half-hour now.

This is controlled danger. We’ll all be fine.

She still screams bloody murder.

A man comes to my bed and asks me to sit down in the center of the room.

All the men are asked to sit together. So I get out of bed and go to join them.

Then the man whose wife is screaming for her life outside sits next to me.

He’s cool as a cucumber.

The men are all asked to take off their shirts.

Leo and another shaman sit down in front and behind of the man at the end of the circle.

Holding his head, shaking the leaves around him, and chanting. Releasing all their bad energy.

The alcohol-infused liquid is sprayed across his front and back. As if he’s being reborn.

All the while the man next to me’s wife still screams in the background. For 15 more minutes.

They’re not really making it a secret that she’s screaming bloody murder. Everybody knows.

Love how the shamans all just own it like, ‘yeah that happens sometimes’

For the first time, the guitarist walks into the room. Grabs his acoustic guitar and starts to play. The flute jumps in with him. Their beautiful sounds are like a trance to me. They’re sick.

When it’s my turn. Leo’s assistant says,

~ “How are you?”


~ “Good”

He sprays the mixture on me. And taps the leaves on my head.

I feel so calm, relieved, and alive. I’m feeling good.

Leo sits down in front of me. With a big friendly smile on his face and looks me in the eyes.

I put my hand against my head and salute him. Saying,

“Good Evening Captain!”

He laughs and grabs both my shoulders in happiness.

I feel amazing.

He completes the ritual on me. Releasing any of the remaining tension and unease within.

When he finishes I look up and we say Good Bye.

I raise my fist in approval and say, “rock n roll my friend ” 🤘

The guy next to me laughs.

I head back to my bed and I can the sun coming up outside my window.

All the women are back in their beds. Except for Anissa. She’s gone and her bed is gone.

I check my watch. It’s 4:50am.

Morning birds begin to chirp outside.

I go use the restroom and step outside. The clouds are gone. There’s a full blue sky.

There are a half dozen beds scattered all over the grass with people sleeping atop them.

I see Anissa lying down asleep at the end. Thank god.

I go back inside. I’m going to bed down and whip the blanket over me.

As I close my eyes, my ex-business partner's advice echos through my head:

~ “Your ego will be the death of you.”

Boy, do I see how that wisdom rings true.

“My Queen. Keep my ego in check. Let me live a long and successful life!”

The wind blows through the window and chills my face.

All the girls are called to the center of the temple now for their blessing.

As I let the guitar, drums, shakers put me to sleep.

At 6am I wake up to hear guys laughing outside. I must know what happened to everybody.

I go to join them and run into 70-year-old Alien Bob.

Asking him how was his night. Waiting to hear his horror stories.

My mouth dropped to the floor at his response.

“It was the most beautiful, extraordinary, and peaceful night of my entire life.”

Holy mother of god how is that possible?

I rush to go talk to two other women to hear their experience:

They tell me they’ve slept the whole night and had so much peace.

Another guy said he was sleeping all night.

I’m starting to realize I had been writing like a madman the whole night, I never closed my eyes to let the Yage take me where I was supposed to go.

One guy asks me if I heard the woman screaming.

I say, “Of course, I think it was the woman who complimented Brad’s drink on the 2nd night.”

~ “No. It was Anissa.”


~ “It was Anissa. She totally lost it.”


I look back over at Anissa lying in the corner. I notice 3 shamans surrounding her making sure she’s ok.

Oh my god, I was so wrong the entire night.

It was Anissa. It all clicks. Every time she left the screams would appear. Every time she was back, they had stopped.

I am so sorry I pulled you into this Anissa.

I look back to my friend and say, “I can’t believe these Shamans. They told us it’d be a party but they took us straight to hell and they knew it.”

This is his 2nd time coming to Rythmia. His face was looking blissed out as fuck. And I’ll never forget his response.

~ “Peter. They didn’t take us to hell. They took the hell out of us. Yage is known as the great purger. It takes all the deepest hell from all our pasts and brings it out. It was released into the temple. Last night the temple was full of our hell. Leo and his whole team guided us through, clearing it out of our lives, and clearing it out of this world.”

I cannot speak a second more. I stumble back into the room. Struggling to walk as my mind had just been blown into another dimension. Crashing into my bed when I arrive.

Apparently, I should have known that if I went to the orientation yesterday but I was too busy writing Day 3 I had to skip it.

Leo enters the front of the temple and asks us to sit up. He’s about to speak.

This is what I learned:

  • Wisdom comes from meditation. A lack of wisdom comes from a lack of meditation. Wisdom is sacred information. From the silence of meditation, wisdom arises. Practice meditation twice per day. 20 minutes in the morning. 20 minutes at night. Leo practices it religiously. Try it and see what happens
  • Build an altar in your room that reminds you of the mother Aya, God, the Universe, and is a safe place for you to meditate.

We all wrap up at 8am. I talk to more people. And hear more about the life-changing experiences they’ve all been happening.

I want to speak to Anissa. But she’s sleeping in her bed. Now is not the time.

So I head back to my room and crash into my bed.

My thoughts race wondering wanting to know what happened to Anissa? How is she? Is she ok? I must know.

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