My Ayahuasca Experience Day 2: Moon Lambos and Wizard School. All Hail the Queen!

You know, yesterday I decided I’d keep this a secret.

But fuck it. When the hell else do we get to read crazy shit like this.

This is the tale of Day 2.

Day 1 wrapped up with me I looking God in the eyes. She took my breath away.

After I completed writing the story yesterday I began to think about Day 2. Tonight.

What would make this night the most amazing night of my life?

I am friends with God now. We are connected. This weekend will be all about us.

I went to a class, where the teacher in front was talking about what to do.

She triggered my thoughts.

What kind of fun can we get into tonight?

What’s the most important thing for me to focus on tonight?

What’s the most important thing we can do tonight for the limited time we have together?

I am wondering what tonight will be about.


That's what this is.

It's fucking date night! I’m gonna take my friend out on a date!!!!

During the class, the intentions for tonight began to form:

  • Show me who I must become to be with you forever
  • Merge me back with my soul at all costs
  • Heal my heart
  • Show me your world
  • Show me something amazing and fun we can do together tonight.
  • Tell me who you are? What do I call you?
  • Let me see your eyes again

By the way. I am from earth. I am new to this spirit world.

I don't know the best spots in town yet.

I asked her in my mind.

“How about you pick me up in a white Lambo with rockets on the back and we go have dinner on the moon. Then after you can show me all the most extraordinary places in the universe. You can tell me the secrets of the ages. And we will remember this night forever”


That's gonna be lit.

I'm wondering what she’s going to show up like.

Will she be a floating pair of eyes like the night before? Or will she reveal herself to me?

I was so curious. So interested.

During the lead-up to the ceremony, I started to get a little anxious. Like anyone who’s nervous about a girl they like.

I think to myself. That's OK. We’re just friends. Besides, I work for her anyway.

Oh that's a good idea. I’ll use the push-pull technique Diana taught me. From the Art of Seduction.

“You’re beautiful. But I don't think we should date. I mean I'm just your humble servant. The universe wouldn’t approve” (GOLDEN PICKUP LINE)

I’m gonna keep it casual on our first night. I am here to get comfortable with her. Get to know her and where she comes from.

We will see where that takes us.

At 5:45pm we enter the temple again. Ayahuasca Day 2 is about to begin.

This time there is an all-new shaman crew. With a brand new leader. He looks like a great magician. Or maybe the leader of the fucking Costa Rican Jungle. I don't know. He’s fucking sick though. He is covered in symbolic tattoos. With beads all over his body that jingles when he walks.

I immediately walk straight up to him and introduce myself. Reaching out to shake his hand.

“Hi, we haven’t met yet. I’m Peter. Thank you so much for putting this together.”

He grabs my hand with both hands. With sparkling beads from the jungle all over his arms.

He says, “Hello Peter. My name is Brad. Nice to meet you.”

We look each other in the eyes. Show respect. Bow. Then I go to find my bed. He’s definitely a fucking gangster. Tonight’s gonna be sick.

When I arrive at the bed I had last night, it turns out to be taken by someone else.

“Damn. I liked that spot. I had the open breeze from the window, could see the stars, and could sit up with my back against the wall.”

Oh well. I find a bed in the center of the room with my white pillow, my brown blanket, and my barf bag. It had no wall behind it.

Looks like I’ll be lying down all night.

As I'm lying there. I’m starting to feel more and more scared. And nervous. I feel as if I have to relax.

Date Night Nerves!

I gotta breathe.

Relax. Let it go. Let it happen. Let her take you away however she does.

Surrender to the experience. Let the medicine do its thing. It will all happen perfectly.

I look up to count the shamans this time. There are 14 of them. All dressed for the Ayahuasca occasion.

They gather in the center of the room and begin to play music.

One is playing the harmonica. One is playing the flute that sounds like birds chirping in the trees. Another bangs a big drum. The jungle music is back.

Another had a pot in his hand with smoking coming out of it. He walks around the room filling it with smoke.

They are all chanting back and forward. Chanting over and over again.

I sit back and focus on my intentions.

Why am I here tonight?

What am I here to do?

I go back through the list.

  • Show me who I have become to be with you forever
  • Merge me back with my soul at all costs
  • Heal my heart
  • Show me your world
  • Show me something amazing and fun we can do together tonight.
  • Tell me who you are? What do I call you?
  • Pick me up in a Lambo and lets get dinner on the moon
  • Let me look into your eyes again

This is gonna be the sickest date of my life! I can't fucking wait.

I wore a grey t-shirt and blue shorts and a bright turquoise hat. I don't need to impress her. I don't need to do anything but be myself.

Brad the Shaman calls us over and gives us the rundown on tonight.

This drink is different from the night before. Brad made it himself. Blessed it with his thoughts and prayers. And apparently, it tastes great.

He reminds us to surrender to the experience. Don’t force it. Let the medicine work its miracles.

At 6:43pm I take my 1st drink. It tastes a little bit better this time.

Dark greens, dirt, with a hint of sticks and a cherry on top. Perfect.

Something amazing is about to happen. I can feel it.

I go back to my bed and lay down. The next drink won't be called for another 90 minutes from now.

Let me lay down and focus on my breathing.

I try to practice the breathing without breath technique I learned last night.

Maybe that would call her to me faster.

I breathe out all my air and try the micro breaths. I can't even do it.

It feels like I’m holding my breath. I can't get enough air in my lungs with the micro breaths to continue.

How the fuck did I do that yesterday?

I kept trying but I had to give up after a while. I can't do it.

So I go back to my intentions.

This time I lead with a prayer.

And call out to god.

Dear Lord. Give me the experience of a lifetime tonight. Show me your world. Pick me up in a white Lambo and take me to the moon. Show me the universe. Show me who I’ve become. Merge me with my soul at all costs. Heal my heart. Give me something amazing I can bring back to the world. And most of all, let me look into your eyes again.

I felt like a journalist.

Going to the deepest depths of the universe to discover the secrets. And bring them back to share it with everybody.

Time to lay down and relax now. Clear my mind and enjoy the experience.

The 90 minutes or so go by. Brad the shaman calls us all for the 2nd drink and we all line-up.

At 8:35 it’s my turn in line and I meet Brad again. He asks me, “Am I seeing the visions?”

I say, “Everything is happening perfectly”

We nod. He pours my cup, makes the jungle chant, and I take my second drink.

I felt a little queasy going back to my bed.

I think to myself:

“Hold it in Pete! It’s Date night tonight! Make it happen”

It works. The upset stomach goes away. Lucky me.

I lay back down and begin to wait.

She is coming. And I think 2 drinks is all I will need to make tonight amazing.

Practice your patience. Relax. Let it come.

9:05pm. She still hasn’t arrived yet. I’m thinking she’s probably getting her hair done or something.

I visualize myself throwing rocks at her window.

“Hey come out here! Get the Lambo and let's go rock and roll across the universe!”

Doesn’t work. Is she going to ghost me?

At 9:35: She’s still not here.

Brad and all 14 of the shamans are still dancing and playing music in the center of the room.

And I’m starting to feel really sober.

The room is dark but I’m much closer to the shrine in the center so I can see the time on my watch.

The shamans begin dancing all over the room as jungle music plays. Stomping on the ground next to me. I hear the loud thuds. and my bed shakes from their stomps.

It's been another hour. I think it’s time to take a drink.

I grab my shot glass, stand up and head back over to Brad.

He steps out of the circle and goes back to his throne.

And beckons me to kneel before him.

I get down on one knee and he asks me to take off my hat.

I take it off. And he begins to chant. Pulling out this big pom-pom-like stick covered in what looks like dried leaves from a tree and feathers.

He begins shaking it all over me and tapping on my head and on my shoulders.

I remember him mentioning this today. It’s a tool they have to move the energy around.

He’s releasing my blocks and releasing the energy.

He pats me with this stick leaves things over and over again. It feels very refreshing.

After 5 minutes he looks down at me and says.

‘How can I help you?’

I say, “I’m feeling a bit….sober”

“Did you take the 2nd drink?” He says.

“Yes,” I said.

Ok. Brad takes my glass, pours me a 3rd and does his chant.

Dark Greens, dirt, with a hint of broken sticks and a cherry on top.

Thank you.

I go back to my bed. Feeling like this is what I need. And it sits perfectly.

I am now ready for date night.

I close my eyes and begin to wait. I still can't perform the breathing technique I did last night.

As time goes by.

I feel like this isn’t going to work. She’s not showing up. I’ve been ghosted tonight.

That's lame….

I can feel the drink starting to pick up again in me. I begin to see some colors swirling around.

I’m unsure of what to do. She’s not coming. I grab my blanket and pull it over me. Rolling onto my side and close my eyes.

After a while, I start to begin thinking.

Why am I acting as if she has left me?

Why am I acting as if she is not here now?

She has always been with me through my journey. She is in me now.

I began repeating that over and over again.

She is in me now.

She is in me now.

She is in me now.

She is in me now.

All of a sudden. I feel the power again.

She has arrived.

Not in a Lambo with rockets tied on the back of it. She arrived in my mind. She arrived in my soul.

The conversation begins…

“Hey you’re here”

~ “Yes”

“I thought you weren’t gonna show haha”

~ “You thought I wasn’t already here.”

“This is true. So no Lambo date on the moon tonight?”

~ “No.”

“Dang ok. I’ve always wanted to take a Lambo to the moon.”

~ “Maybe One day”

“I have so many questions to ask you.”

~ “Ask away”

“What are we doing here?”

~ “Not dating”

“Ok lol. Was a good try tho. Hey thanks for making me by the way”

~ “I’ve been working on you for a long time. And it’s taken you 30 years to find me”

“Yeah, I feel like that. I’ve seen you work your magic all throughout my life. Pushing me in the right direction. Guiding me through the hardest of times. Leading me to the experiences I must have. I always felt a hint like you existed”

~ “Yes”

“Remember that one time in Las Vegas. 7 years ago. When I had just driven my software company into the pavement. I was out of money, about to have my car repossessed, and be evicted. And I stumbled out of my office into my car crying. ‘God please help me. Show me a sign.’ And I looked up and saw on the back of the car in front of me a bumper sticker. Saying ‘Relax. God is in control’. That saved me. Thank you for that.”

~ “I got you”

“You created me 30 years ago. You forged me in my mother's womb. You programmed me as a child. You created the universe. You are the force that flows through life. You are the true master.”

~ “I am”

“You completely blew my mind yesterday. When you appeared behind me. That was the most gangster thing I’ve ever seen a woman do. And then seeing you took my breath away.”

~ “I’m surprised you didn’t explode”

“Yeah thanks for not exploding me… You know what, I’ve been looking for a master in my life. Somebody to look up to who’s a million miles ahead from where I am.”

~ “I know”

“I have been really loving working with you. I want to get closer to you. I want to learn your ways. Discover the secrets to life. Discover how to really live. And perform true miracles for others in the world”

~ “Ask and you shall receive”

“What would it take for me to become your apprentice? I must be with you closer. There is no other greater master in existence. There is no greater power in all the universes. There is no one else I’d rather learn from. Teach me everything you know, and I will work for you for free. And follow you for 10,000 years.”

~ “Maybe we can arrange something”

“Wow. Ok. First off, what is your name? What do I even call you? Lord? God?”

~ “No one can know my name. My Queen is fine”

“Ok. My Queen. That fits. I love it. So… who must I become to be with you forever?”

~ “A wizard”

(WTF. A wizard? What the hell?)

“A wizard?”

~ “Yes. Not a sorcerer. But a wizard. A great magician. Someone who works for me and channels his power through me for good. Like Brad.”

“Yeah, I'm down to work for you for sure. I’ve always wanted to be a Wizard. That’s hilarous. But what do you mean channel my power through you?”

~ “As a wizard. You have access to all the power in the universe. I am your source for this power. And you become a miracle worker. Together we transform the lives of millions of peoples”

“Well that sounds like my kind of jam”

(I open my eyes for a second. This is getting really weird I’m thinking. But holy shit. What’s going on here? Let's go down this rabbit hole. So I take the blanket and cover it over my head. And go underneath the sheets together. Creating our own private space so we can go deeper as the jungle music continues to play in the background. The world under the sheets sparkles with colors and sacred geometry)

“Ok how do I become a wizard? Can you teach me?”

~ “You are not becoming a wizard. You are now a wizard”

(instantly i feel a flash before my mind. An instant download and understanding straight out from the fucking Matrix. I instantly remembered how to write. How to create videos that inspire them to solve their problems now. Advertising. I remember my ability to reach millions of people around the world. And get our message. To inspire. to use my message for good. )

“Holy shit I’m a fucking wizard. I have fucking superpowers.”

~ “Yes you are”

“There is nothing more I’d rather do than be a wizard for you. Together we can work miracles across the earth and beyond. You can perform your work through my life. Do I get like a Harry Potter stick or a cool cape or something?”

~ “You will have your eyes. Others will see me through your eyes. They will become green like mine. And you will be able to see into their souls.”

(oh fuck yeah that's badass as fuck)

“Ok that's sick. So like, do you want me to go get green contact lenses or something? Oh I think I’ve heard that you can tattoo your eyes green to make them permanent”

~ “No. No need for that. When your merge with your soul, your eyes will become green overtime on their own. Be patient. What you command, will become so. They will be a great power for you”

“Damn dammit that's the coolest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. Green laser vision. All the stars in the galaxy in my eyes. Hell yeah. We’re going to be picking up girls like crazy with that.”

~ “Yes. You will become a great seducer.”

“Hell yeah, that's sick. I’m loving this whole green wizard vibe. Green black and gold. I remember seeing that Green Black Steel Patek in the watch store with green emeralds on the dials. That’d be sick to get some cool wizard swag like that. But that thing was like $130,000. Also, a dark green wizard Lambo and 6 wizard rings, 3 wizard necklaces and 5 wizard bracelets would be sick too”

~ “For as long as we’re together, I will make you so rich that will all seem like pennies.”

“SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!! HELL YEAH!!!! Let's do it. Ok so how do we do the “merge my soul, at all cost thing?”

~ “That will happen by itself when you realize who you have become”

“I thought I’ve become a wizard?”

~ “Tell me more”

“I am your wizard?”

~ “Getting closer”

“I am your wizard and I will work for you forever?”

~ “Is that a question now?”

“Ok, I am committed. Tell me, my Queen, what is the deal here?”

~ “Your heart belongs to me. And you will work for me for 10,000 years. I will teach you the secrets of the universe and you will become one of the greatest wizards to have ever lived. My greatness will manifest all throughout the world through your work. You will perform miracles not known to man. As your power will come through me.”

“Yes, my Queen. My heart belongs to you. I will work for you for 10,000 years and beyond. I will study under you. I will learn everything there is to know. I will make you a shrine in my home. So I always remember that I am doing your work. I will create an unbreakable chain that is linked to you. And I will lock it to my ankle with an unbreakable lock. So that it is easy and effortless for you to pull me to follow your path. I will tattoo this ankle bracelet so I will always remember. And because of you, I will work. For you and through you. We will impact millions of lives. We will work for good. We will spread your message around the world.”

~ “Affirm this now”

(I rip off my covers. And am immediately pulled to sit straight up. On my knees. My back is straight as a statue. My face is blank like a rock)

“I will work for you forever. I will force a chain attached to my ankle so it is easy to hear your call. I will get jewels that remind me of you. And remind me of our journey. We will work together forever. I will be with you forever. And I will become your greatest warrior. Your greatest magician. Your greatest wizard for all the days of my life”

I bowed down into Prayer. And for the next 2 hours. I sat. And affirmed over and over and over again. I work for you. My queen. Together we are one. Together we are all-powerful. Because of you. I will work. You give me purpose. You give me new life.

Over and over and over again.

At one point the shamans stopped playing the music and brought out bells. For an hour they all walked around the room ringing these bells. It was the most magical, mystical, and beautiful sound I had ever heard in my life.

And I affirmed over and over and over and over again.

I am have become a wizard.

I became stone cold. Like a rock. My face became blank.

After 90 minutes. I felt as if I was done. And I laid back down, and pulled the blanket over me.

And I was struck with a thought.

“My Queen. For my first order of business. We must make our wizard book. Something Amazing is About to Happen. I will make the cover black, green and gold, like an ancient spellbook. This is what’s going to get your message out to millions of people. It will change the world. Create new leaders. And inspire them to change the world. We must make this book come true. And to do this. I must get their attention. We must have our headline. We must end this story with our greatest miracle so far. We must download $50,000,000 into my bank account to finish this book. It must manifest.”

~ “And so it shall be”

As soon as she said that. The music turned off and the lights in the room turned on.

I was now a stone-cold silent killer.

Brad the lead shaman asked everyone in the room to come and join us in the middle of the room.

I was tired and still madly drunk from the medicine. And sat on the edge of my bed. A little far away to listen.

Then I heard a voice.


Fuck! She’s right. I grab my pillow and rush over to the front of the room. Right in front of Brad. And sit straight up. Silent like a statue. Strong like a stone-cold killer.

He begins to talk. He talks about the jungles. About nature. remember to play in the rain like a child.

I’m still so lit all I can focus on is what happened. It’s hard for me to pay attention but I try my best.

People start sharing their experiences.


Truer words could not have been said.

Another guy named Bob told about how he has his brain amputated by Aliens. He’s like 70 years old with glasses and is absolutely hilarious.

He’s going to be that crazy old alien believer guy for the rest of his life that no one believes.

Honestly tho, I’m starting to believe it.

After the ceremony wraps up, Brad says we’re welcome to leave or welcome to stay.

I go back to my bed and what do I find?

A stray dog lying in the middle of my bed. Upside down on his back stretched out with the biggest smile on his face.

Then the man next to me is petting its ear and says that the dog came and sat down as soon as I stood up.

That's funny. She’s telling me to go back to my room.

So I grab my journal, my shot glass, and my hat.

I walk over to my 2 friends and tell them good night. I’m going home.

I walk over to Brad and wait for him to finish speaking to someone else.

He finishes and I kneel before him and hold out my hand. He grabs it and we look each other in the eyes.

I can tell he has seen god.

I say “Thank you”

~ “How did it go?”

“Absolutely Perfect”

We lock eyes for longer. And stay in silence. I know he sees what happened in me.

“Thank you,” I said.

We nod. I walk away.

“I will see you again”

I walk back home to my room. in complete silence. leaving my sandals behind.

I go in and look at the mirror.

I clean out my shot glass and see what's left of the black drink rinse down the sink. It looks like stars in the galaxy as it goes down the drain.

I look up at myself in the mirror. And look into my own eyes.

I see her eyes once again.

My Ayahuasca Experience Day 3 — The Manifesting Masterclass

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